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Oral health doesn’t just help you to achieve a perfect white smile; it also affects our overall health and can provide warnings and symptoms regarding our general health. Our oral health isn’t just damaged by poor oral hygiene;it also suffers if you smoke heavily, drink alcohol too frequently or consume fatty, unhealthy foods excessively. Of course, these too have a deadly impact on our general health.

Almost every adult worldwide, and up to nine out of ten schoolchildren, have cavities.Fifty per cent of all gum disease is caused by the use of tobacco and oral cancer is the eighth most common form of cancer in the world, with millions of school and work days being lost to oral illnesses.

The purpose of this infographic by DervlaLeavy Dental Care is to emphasise how poor oral health can have a negative impact on our general health, and to advise what you can do tosteer clear of the dangers that are associated with oral diseases. We hope that the contents of this infographic will help people to realise the extent of the damage that poor oral health can cause, and to take steps to make sure they avoid it at all costs.



Maria O’ Driscoll

Maria completed her Masters in Human Resources in 2007. After spending three years working in the HR department of a multi-national in Switzerland, she returned to Ireland where she completed a second masters in Marketing and Management. Maria joined Dervla Leavy Dental Care as Marketing Manager in 2013.

Maria O’ Driscoll

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Maria O’ Driscoll

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