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The Best Tips To Keep Your Kids From Chikungunya Virus

The Best Tips To Keep Your Kids From Chikungunya Virus

In this modern day and age, it’s common to be fearful of the many diseases that are around. Indeed, there are lots of horrible diseases out there, which can be particularly harmful for children. One of the most common, and serious diseases that afflict children is the Chikungunya virus. As a parent or guardian, it’s our duty to make sure that our children do not contract such serious illnesses such as Chikungunya. Hence, this article will go through tips on how parents and guardians can make sure that their kids do not get the Chikungunya virus.

First of all, it is important to understand what exactly Chikungunya is. Chikungunya is a viral illness which is known to cause very high fevers along with rashes all over the body. The virus is primarily transmitted through mosquitoes and is very prevalent in poorer, rural communities. In addition, the mortality rate of the virus is quite low in comparison to other diseases, with 1 in 1000 people contracting the diseases dying from it. That being said, it is still quite a serious disease and children are especially prone to getting the virus.

One of the best tips for preventing Chikungunya in children is to always make sure that insect repellant is applied generously before going out into shrub, forest or dense environmental areas. Mosquitoes, specifically ones that carry the Chikungunya virus are most commonly found in very densely inhabited natural environments, such as rainforests. If you and your children are going to go camping or hiking in an outdoor environment, always make sure to have insect repellant at the ready to ensure that no mosquitoes will be biting any of you.

Furthermore, another important tip in preventing Chikungunya not only in yourself but your kids is to wear proper clothing. You may have heard that the best way to avoid getting bitten by a snake is to wear long pants which covers all of your legs. The same goes for preventing a mosquito transmitting Chikungunya. Always wear clothing which covers all of your bare legs, and if possible, a shirt which covers all of your arms. Making sure to cover your exposed body parts will make it much more difficult for mosquitoes to come and transmit the Chikungunya virus.

Another important tip is to do your research before going into a densely inhabited environmental area. Look up on the internet and ask locals about the prevalence of Chikungunya in the area. There are many informative sites on the internet which will show you high risk areas for Chikungunya. It is these places that you and your kids should avoid to further ensure that no-one will get the horrible viral illness.

All of the tips presented in this article will ensure that you and your kids will have a great time outdoors without ever having a worry about contracting a horrible illness such as Chikungunya. Make sure to read over this article to make sure you understand each and every point presented in the article.

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