Maria completed her Masters in Human Resources in 2007. After spending three years working in the HR department of a multi-national in Switzerland, she returned to Ireland where she completed a second masters in Marketing and Management. Maria joined Dervla Leavy Dental Care as Marketing Manager in 2013.

By properly brushing your teeth at least twice a day, you are not only preserving the strength and whiteness of your molars, incisors, etc. – you’re also helping to keep your breath smelling fresh, and that can make a massive ...

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When a tooth becomes badly damaged and in all probability cannot be repaired, or if your mouth is so overcrowded that some teeth cannot protrude the gum, it is worth considering tooth extraction. The procedure may seem daunting at surface ...

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Oral health doesn’t just help you to achieve a perfect white smile; it also affects our overall health and can provide warnings and symptoms regarding our general health. Our oral health isn’t just damaged by poor oral hygiene;it also suffers ...

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General Health

Ensuring that our teeth are in pristine condition is of vital importance for both health and social reasons. With studies indicating that up to 25% of adults fail to brush their teeth twice a day, it is clear that there ...

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