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The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Guide

The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Guide

proper-dental-hygiene Ensuring that our teeth are in pristine condition is of vital importance for both health and social reasons. With studies indicating that up to 25% of adults fail to brush their teeth twice a day, it is clear that there is a need to increase awareness and improve education on proper dental hygiene.

Food, drink, advancing age, medication and genetics can all contribute to discoloration of teeth. Research has suggested that job applicants are 58% more likely to receive a job offer if their teeth are white, while 31% of women state that a man’s teeth are an important characteristic. Natural remedies can be used to help prevent discoloration, such as eating raw fruit and vegetables and brushing your tongue, while those that look to significantly improve the whiteness of their teeth should consult a dentist to discuss the options available such as: in surgery bleaching systems and home bleaching kits.

The purpose of this info graphic from Dervla Leavy Dental Care is to increase awareness on the benefits of excellent dental hygiene, and whiter teeth. Looking after our teeth can lead to improved oral health, increased confidence, and even better employment opportunities.





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Maria completed her Masters in Human Resources in 2007. After spending three years working in the HR department of a multi-national in Switzerland, she returned to Ireland where she completed a second masters in Marketing and Management. Maria joined Dervla Leavy Dental Care as Marketing Manager in 2013.

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