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Suffering From Diabetes- Here are Never Fail Dental Tips For Diabetics

Suffering From Diabetes- Here are Never Fail Dental Tips For Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you are at a greater risk of developing many oral problems in comparison to non-diabetic people. As a diabetic patient, you constantly have to deal with a lot of complications and rarely you take into account the oral health. Ignoring the possible impact of diabetes on your dental health is dangerous. Confused? This is because your ability to fight diseases is reduced considerably, if you suffer from diabetes and, thereby, make you susceptible to oral infections like, gum disease (this is the most common), tooth decay, salivary gland dysfunction periodontal disease, thrush of mouth, and many more.

Diabetes and your oral health Therefore, it is very critical to keep a vigilant watch on your dental health. It is recommended to check your mouth constantly for any symptoms and contact your dentist whenever you notice anything or feel discomfort. For instance, if you notice blood while brushing your teeth, it is a serious indication of gum infection. In this situation, you must see a dentist immediately.

Managing dental health is as much a lifelong commitment as is managing diabetes. You just need to keep few things in mind listed below:

  1. Be informed:

     Information is essential to handle any dental problem that may arise. Ask your dentist questions concerning the effect of diabetes and how to manage oral health. Your dentist needs to be aware of your condition, medical history and periodontal status.

  2. Mind your glucose level:

     Gum problems are more likely when there is poor blood glucose control. Mouth thrush (a condition that leaves dry, white patches in your mouth) can be kept in check if your glucose level is under control. In addition, you must eat well before going for dental visits to avoid low blood sugar during dental procedures.

  3. Denture care:

     Diabetes patients who wear dentures are more prone to developing thrush than those who don’t. Remove and clean the dentures daily. If you often experience irritation, it is best to remove the dentures for a while to soothe the irritation.

  4. Never miss dental appointments:

    Regular dental checkups are important to maintain dental health. Visit your dentist or dental care provider at least once in three or four months. In between, don’t forget to get the necessary dental examinations and cleaning every 6 months.

  5. Brush and floss your teeth regularly:

    It is imperative that you brush your teeth twice daily. Also get in the habit of using antibacterial mouthwash and floss in the morning and at night to keep the gum and tooth problems at a distance.

  6. Do not smoke:

     Do you know, smoking not only affects your overall health but also your dental health. And if you are diabetic, you cannot afford to take the chance as smoking affects the attachment of soft tissues and bones to the teeth. Also, smoking interferes with the normal functioning of the gum tissue cells. To know more about how smoking affects dental well-being, click HERE for more information.

Make sure that on your each visit to the dentist, you communicate your blood sugar levels to them and also the medications that you are currently taking for diabetes.

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