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8 Tips to Controlling Your Asthma

8 Tips to Controlling Your Asthma

8 Tips to Controlling Your Asthma

With today’s medical and technological advances you no longer just have to live and cope with your asthma symptoms! You can finally manage the, by knowing what triggers your asthma. By knowing this it will help avoid and eliminate your exposure to them and allow you a better life.

Allergy-proof covers on pillows & mattresses

By washing your bedding weekly in hot water you will get rid of dust mites. That is not all though, you should always use a dehumidifier to help reduce any excess moisture to help eliminate the chance of getting hold in your home.

No Pets on Beds, Furniture, or on Carpet

A lot of people have asthma attacks due to pet dander. It is quite common. That is why many people avoid getting a pet because they cannot handle all of the pet dander. If you do have a pet, try and not allow it on beds, furniture, or your carpet. These places are always filled with pet dander and you will have to clean them pretty frequently.

No carpets & Stuffed Toys

Now, this can coincide with the previous tip. If you have carpets, remove it. If you cannot remove your carpet, the next best thing is to vacuum it twice a week with a HEPA air filter vacuums. This will also go for stuffed toys too.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Another common trigger for many people is mold. Yes, you may have a spotless house, but there can still be some mold in places you never thought of. To help eliminate all molds in your home, you should remove all inside plants and keep your bathrooms dry and clean. You can do this by opening a window after showers or using the fan in the bathroom when taking a shower and a bath.

Avoid Smoke

This should be common sense. Avoid breathing in secondhand smoke. If you have a smoker in the house, please tell them to smoke outside as secondhand smoke can stick to your furniture, drapes, clothing, and even your walls. This can trigger plenty of asthma attacks. Also, when traveling ask for a smoke-free hotel room, so you will not have an asthma attack.

Avoid harsh cleaning products & chemicals

Did you know fumes from household cleaners can trigger an asthma attack? You should avoid breathing any cleaning and chemical fumes. Also you should prevent exposure to these said products as much as possible as they can trigger an attack.

Reduce stress

Even stress can cause an asthma attack. Yes, it is the real deal. You should avoid stressful situations and relax more, so they do not creep up on you.

Air Quality

When you mix hot and humid weather and not so good air quality, it can lead to an asthma attack. This is why you should try and limit any outdoor events when these conditions are present.

Now mind you, these are just a few out of many tips to help prevent any future asthma attacks. You will need to learn what triggers your attacks to better eliminate them. Once you do this, your quality of life will increase tremendously.

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