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Useful Tips on How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Useful Tips on How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

How to Prevent the Infection?

  • Vitamins, specifically, a vitamin C supplement helps you have a healthy immune system. Pick a pregnancy multivitamin that contains vitamin C, and take something that does not go beyond 60mg of vitamin C daily and regularly. It would also be best if you check with your midwife to consult regarding the best supplements to take.
  • Probiotic lactobacillus: a type of bacteria that can be found in yogurt or a food supplement. This helps in enhancing your immune system.
  • Take note that zinc may be usually used to prevent infections, but you should also take a zinc supplement only when it is prescribed. Food that comprise of zinc that are undoubtedly safe for pregnant women are lentils and chickpeas, cashew nuts, fish, meat, eggs, wholemeal/whole wheat bread, and baked potatoes.
  • Dairy products are a valuable source of calcium and should therefore be taken regularly. Apart from the fact that it helps in enriching your bones, this also does not affect the mucus production in any way so it’s safe to taken consistently.

What is Sinusitis?

  • It often is the case that women think that sinusitis is an infection that emanates naturally for the pregnant, but this assumption is entirely false. However common it may be for some pregnancies, having the infection is not at all innate. The infection will not affect the child in any way, but nevertheless, it should be treated immediately so as to avoid further infections.

What causes Sinus Infections?

  • Sinusitis, or sinus infection, ensues due to an infectivity in the lining of one of the four nasal cavities; an infection found commonly during pregnancies, as being pregnant causes hormone progesterone, instigating the blood vessels and membranes in the nose to swell, which results to difficulty in breathing through one’s nose. Due to the blockages that tend to happen eventually, the mucus is not properly drained which causes the infection to occur.

What are its symptoms?

  • This can also result to symptoms such as a yellow or greenish discharge of the nose, a throbbing pressure around the eyes and cheeks, have an awful cough, and the seemingly dysfunctional senses of smell and taste, as you feel that there is constantly that blocked or runny nose. Other symptoms also involve headaches, earaches, sore throat, and fatigue. Such infections are generally caused by bacteria, fungus, or virus; the cold is also a contributing factor of the infection.

Furthermore, this leads everyone, especially those in their pregnancies, to be careful in choosing and taking the proper medication for this. There are certain medications that may not be safe to use during pregnancy as it may affect the child, and there are also some that you may find to be remedies; medications that are as effective in relieving your symptoms and helping you recuperate.

Learn more about sinus infections and the measures you one should heed to have a healthy pregnancy and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here are helpful pregnancy tips for you to follow and facts for you to ease your way and avoid sinus infection during pregnancy!

Water helps

  • Drink as much fluids as you can. This is an oldie but a goldie. Water helps ease the symptoms by causing the mucus to be discharged as frequently as possible.

Keep your head elevated at night

  • Having extra pillows wouldn’t hurt. When lying down, be sure to raise up your head a little. Not only does this help with the congestion, it also helps in relieving heartburn.

Relieve congestion by steam

  • Giving yourself a warm/hot shower and just lingering inside the steamy bathroom can be extremely soothing. Placing a moistened washcloth with hot water or lukewarm water can also alleviate your difficulty in breathing.
  • You can also place warm packs around your nose, cheeks, or forehead. This helps in soothing the pain and in draining the mucus from your sinuses to unblock your nose.

Use saline nose drops or spray

  • Go to the nearest drugstore and find yourself an over-the-counter saline nose drops or a buffered saline nasal spray. Drip a smidgen into each nostril once, and you should be able to release the discharge smoothly.

Humidifier or vaporizer puts moisture into the air

  • Keep it near your head. Take note that you should also regularly change the water and the filter as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cigarettes, alcohol, paint and chemical fumes are a big no

  • Avoid these irritants as these triggers the symptoms. And as you are already aware, having these things regularly or as a way of living is extremely bad for your health already.

Gargle salt water

  • Having a sore throat is one of the symptoms in having sinusitis. To ease this, gargle salt water, warm liquid, or anything that contains honey and lemon. Or you can simply suck on ice.


  • Now this may sound like an excuse for you to be finally pushed to do the exercise everyone has been telling you to, but this actually helps in easing a stuffy or blocked nose. However, you may have to avoid going outdoors to exercise as there is inevitably air pollution, which may greatly irritate your nasal passages and worsen the congestion.

Get plenty of sleep

  • One of the oldie but goldie advices. It is advised to rest during the day as it has been found that the sinus is most causing the discomfort particularly at night. Also make sure to get proper sleep as this immensely helps in reinvigorating your immune system to fight the infection.


  • It is not uncommon to lose your appetite during pregnancy. Letting yourself feel the “sickness” does not help. It is important that you eat, even just small meals. Also make sure you are consuming nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables. In soothing, soup is best suggested.

Know when to contact your doctor

  • Be aware that sinusitis is not merely an infection that you can only tolerate without consulting your doctor. Coughing up mucus that is yellowish/greenish, having a fever about 101°, or merely cannot sleep or eat at all, you must immediately contact your doctor. Trust that your doctor will give you the best and safest medication to take for you and your baby.

Now that you know how to have a healthy pregnancy, you can be sure to check for early pregnancy symptoms and have a good pregnancy health.

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