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Five Signs That You Need a Deviated Septum Surgery

Five Signs That You Need a Deviated Septum Surgery

Almost nobody in the world has the perfect nose, with the left and right half of it completely equal. Just about every person has the septum little off center, and usually that is something with what people live normally. But, not so often it happens that septum is dramatically of centre, which is called deviated septum. In those cases it is necessary to undergo a deviated septum surgery. It is a surgical procedure which is supposed to align the crooked nose. Sometimes the signs that are right in front of you don’t seem connected, but as a completely different conditions. Here we’ll point out 5 of the most important symptoms that you are in need of deviated septum surgery.

  1. Sleep deprivation

This is a symptom that is hard to pin on some specific disease, because it’s so common and it happens for many reasons. But when you have all of the five we’ll talk about, than you may know for sure that you are a deviated septum surgery candidate. At nights, you are gasping and choking, snoring and wake up with a headache, dryness in the mouth and dizziness. As a result, you are sleepy and tired all day long. All of this may be caused with the blockage that deviated septum can cause.

  1. Chronic headaches

Headaches are also a symptom that you tend to overlook, but when you have a severe deviated septum, you’ll also experience facial pain which is originating from the nose itself. This is because the condition is demanding a significant strain of nasal muscles, resulting with unequal nostril size. One side is stretched, and the other squashed. All of this can create physical and psychological imbalance causing headaches and other sorts of pain.


  1. Chronic nasal disorders

If you are constantly experiencing symptoms that are similar to cold, such as sneezing, headaches and nasal drips, this could be a sign of severe deviated septum. Some chronic problems like rhinitis and sinusitis are showing you that your nose and its structure aren’t working properly. These symptoms usually limit you in your everyday activities like simple walk in the park or picnic, and as such they are pointing out to you that you should visit your doctor ASAP.

  1. Frequent nose bleeds

Now we come to the warning sign that you simply can’t ignore, and it is definitely more obvious than all of those symptoms above. If you are experiencing frequent and unexpected bloody nasal drips, you should consult a specialist before it gets worse. Headaches and tension, beside nose bleeds, are signs of the problem going too far, and that you should align the crooked nose with septoplasty, combined with rhinoplasty, so you may at the same time improve your health and the appearance of the nose.

  1. Trouble breathing

Distorted septum can be the cause of reduce amount of air entering your nose, and later pass through the nostrils and in the end entering the lungs. This can cause even bigger problems when you are facing with some cold, causing your nose to narrow and swell, which is making breathing extremely difficult and leading to even bigger problems. Difficulty in breathing is a symptom of both septum deviation and sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder where the walls of the throat narrow and relax, interrupting normal breathing.

You shouldn’t ignore any of these symptoms if they appear separately and let alone combined. Your doctor will know best what you should do. If he recommends you septoplasty, what you should know is that it is a simple procedure which is performed on a daily basis, so there is no reason to be afraid. Septoplasty is a surgical procedure which is performed through the nostrils, so afterwards there is no bruising and other external signs. Depending on the deviation, operation may last up to an hour and a half. The procedure may be performed with a local or general anesthetic, based on the agreement between you and your doctor. Septoplasty can be combined with rhinoplasty in order to improve the appearance of your nose and with sinus surgery. If you decide for septorhinoplasty (combination of septoplasty and rhinoplasty), know that it is also a common procedure, after which you can expect to recover quickly.

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