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6 Health Problems to Never Ignore

6 Health Problems to Never Ignore

Medical experts are not positive why some illnesses decide to travel in pairs, but knowing the risk will help you stay safe and alive.

For many years, doctors have observed many patients with one illness and become ill with another condition that is completely unrelated and sometimes worse than the other one.  Today we will discuss 6 illnesses that can accompany another illness.


If you get migraines quite frequently, your doctor hopefully forewarned you about your risk of having a heart attack or even a stroke. With recent findings, medical experts have a much better understanding, which cardiac ailments are more likely to occur when any migraine is present within the patient.

Now, you should know, frequency does matter when it comes to migraines. If you suffer from a migraine a month, you have a 50% chance of a heart attack than people who do not suffer from them. Now, if you are suffering from migraines on a weekly basis, you just upped your chance 3 times of the risk of a stroke.


Endometriosis can actually be accompanied by melanoma. Medical experts do not know how or even why endometriosis and melanoma are together, but they are thinking it can be a genetic defect that triggers the two conditions.

High blood pressure

Medical experts are always puzzled with diabetes and high blood pressure combo, especially in normal size people. They believe when you are obese these two often appear together. So if you are always suffering from high blood pressure, you may want to get yourself checked out for diabetes, as this doubles your risk of developing it. Plus, it does not matter about your BMI.


The itchy, rough patches of psoriasis are always uncomfortable and even worse to look at. This can increase your chances of having a heart attack.  Your chances increase even more depending on the severity of your psoriasis. The worse the case of psoriasis the higher the chance of a heart attack occurring.

Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a very serious health illness. It is mostly always combined with diabetes, coronary heart attacks, and even death. If you are plagued with at least three traits out of the five: excess stomach fat, low HDL, high blood pressure, high blood triglycerides, or even impaired glucose tolerance you have an even higher risk.


There are many studies that connect asthma to depression and anxiety. The CDC announced in 2004, that 18% of patients who suffer from asthma also suffer from depression or anxiety. This has been studied for the past 20 years.  It is not as worse as the others, but it still is not a walk in the park.

These are the top six illnesses that love to come in pairs. If you suffer from any one of them, it is best to consult your doctor. They will closely monitor you just in case the other illness pops up, because catching it early will allow you to have a better outcome and quality of life.

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