Wearing Your Braces With Confidence

Wearing Your Braces With Confidence

A lot of teenagers have crooked teeth or misaligned jaws. In some cases, they have a noticeable gap between the front upper teeth. For some, poor positioning of the jaw or an unequal jaw size create difficulties in biting or there is overcrowding of the bottom teeth. Moreover, a teenager starts to become conscious about their general appearance. Teenagers are very much concerned about what others are saying, and comments on their looks. Most kids have dental braces before or during their teenage years, for either medical or aesthetic issues.

Appearance Does Matter

For a kid in the pre-teen or teenage years, appearance is one of the major concerns. The choice of what type of braces to wear may be discussed beforehand between the orthodontist and parents, so that the kid is comfortable wearing them. These braces are often found in different shapes for a growing teenager.

Metal Braces

Mostly, parents opt for metallic braces with different bands. These bands need to be adjusted every month and so a visit to dentist’s office is mandatory. A lot of kids prefer to wear colorful bands with braces. This is their way of showing their fashion sense to the world.

Ceramic Braces

The next option is ceramic braces. It is possible to wear them without making it noticeable; they are made of tooth-colored brackets that blend into the background. This option is sometimes chosen to hide the braces on the teeth and to make it look perfect.


The newest option is custom-made plastic aligners, the most popular solution being Invisalign, which are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Faux Braces

A lot of teenagers in Southeast Asia are putting on fake braces as a symbol of wealth, and making their own fashion statement. It is suggested that putting on braces means you are somehow cooler than the kids without braces. This trend conveys the sign of wealth, status and style to other kids in the same age group. For most of them, it is more of a fashion statement than a medical reason.

Can I Play Sports When I Am Wearing Braces?

Wearing braces does not limit you in playing your choice of sports. However, if it is a contact sport, it is suggested by doctors to wear a mouth guard to protect the mouth area from receiving a sudden shock. These mouth guards are custom-made and designed to fit with braces to protect soft mouth tissues.

Can I Eat Junk Food While I Am Wearing Braces?

Any healthy food can be enjoyed while wearing braces. However, certain food items should be avoided. In general, any kind of hard pressure may affect the bracing and should be avoided if possible.

  • Slimy foods such as cheesy pasta and others
  • Hard foods such as apples, bagels, carrots, nuts
  • Chewy or sticky foods such as caramels, fruity gums

A careful teenager practicing dental hygiene can get through the whole process of bracing while still making it a colorful experience and enjoying the benefits for years to come.

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