How You Can Have Naturally White Teeth

How You Can Have Naturally White Teeth

We meet new people almost every day, and that usually involves a smile. If you do not smile, you may seem aggressive or impolite to the other person. A good set of teeth and a perfectly aligned jawline are sure to produce a great smile, but stains on those teeth can give a negative impression rather than the positive one you were hoping for.

Understanding the Source of Stains

Regarding our food habits and lifestyle choices, smoking or chewing tobacco are the main reasons behind stains on teeth. Long time consumption of coffee, cola, and spicy foods can also cause yellow stains. With time and age, the enamel on teeth becomes more transparent, and colored liquids can soak through, ultimately leaving stains on those teeth.

Tips to Keep Teeth White

There are rules to follow if you want to keep your teeth white.

  • Avoiding consumption (or limiting their consumption) of colored beverages like tea, coffee, or wine can help a lot.
  • Using a straw to gulp down colored beverages can be another choice to protect teeth from exposure to items that stain.
  • Brushing, brushing, and more brushing. Brushing three times a day, after every meal, can help a lot with those tooth stains.
  • It is good to visit the dental hygienist at least twice a year, to take stains off and keep teeth healthy.
  • Continue using whitening toothpaste to improve the appearance of your teeth

Home Remedies to Follow

There are tons of home remedy tips you can follow to remove yellow stains. Mixing baking soda with lemon juice can help to remove yellow stains. Lemon juice has bleaching properties which can help with whitening teeth. This process is considered harmful for tooth health if applied regularly or left on tooth surface for longer than 1 minute.

Some people use olive oil to clean teeth. It may come as a surprise, but applying olive oil on a clean wash cloth and rubbing the teeth with it may just do the trick. Another home ingredient used to remove tooth stains is apple cider vinegar. The acidic property of this ingredient can remove stains with continuous usage over a long period of time. Using lemon or orange peels can make your mouth smell heavenly, if not whiten your teeth.

Can Tooth Whitening Harm Teeth?

Your mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Tooth whitening for aesthetic purposes can sometimes harm the health of the teeth. Bleaching can damage the enamel of teeth if used in the wrong proportions or excessively. Enamel protects the crown, and erosion of the enamel leads to tooth sensitivity, and, in time, possibly a root canal.

Good oral hygiene practices, along with changes in eating and lifestyle, can definitely keep those stains away. If not, it is time for you to visit a dental hygienist and discuss the course of action to get those white teeth you have always dreamed of.

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