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The Addiction Recovery Process

The Addiction Recovery Process

Many people can be addicted to a number of things. However, some addictions can be worse than others. The main two addictions that destroy lives every day are drug and alcohol addictions.  Of course, there are many out there, but today we will focus on these two.

The journey to becoming sober and drug-free is never the same for two people. However, you may find out there are common steps linking you to different individuals. These common steps are usually found out through inpatient residential treatment programs. They can even help you to get over your addiction because essentially you have a partner. You may not be going through all of the same steps, but you can relate with one another.

Before you can embark on your journey, you have to want to become clean. If you are looking for love and support from your family they have to be on board with you. This is crucial for your success. If you do not believe you have a problem, chances are you are not ready to become clean. An intervention may work, but it often isn’t enough motivation.

The Process

During the first couple of weeks, your body will soon start detoxing from the drugs and/or alcohol. Yes, it will not be fun. It will more than likely make you want to stop and go back to your lifestyle, but it is vital that you trek through this. After your body is detoxed, you will begin your intensive addiction recovery therapy. They have programs from one to three months depending on how you are doing.  During this time, you will learn how to live without the drugs and alcohol through relapse prevention. You will soon learn how to have a positive and healthy ways to cope when you feel like using.

Recovery Programs and Support Groups

Addiction programs and support groups are there to help you learn to cope with life. However, they can the 12-step approach or a more personal one-on-one session. Whichever you decide you will need to put in a lot of effort. Whether it participating in a support group and telling your story or having a personal session, you not only need to talk the talk, but you need to walk the walk. These resources will let you live a happy, healthy life for many years to come.

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