The Importance of Dental Cleaning

The Importance of Dental Cleaning

Let’s face it; Very few people enjoy going to the dentist. In fact, many Americans avoid going to the dentist at all costs. Many people believe that, since they brush their teeth themselves, they do not need to participate in the dental cleanings that the American Board of General Dentistry recommends people receive once every six months. However, dental cleanings are extremely important to one’s overall health; these visits help prevent cavities, diagnose potential dental health problems and help patients take the most advantage of their dental healthcare plans.

Oral Health Preservation

Many people believe that brushing their teeth will fully prevent cavities and all other oral health problems, but this is false. Although brushing, flossing and using mouth wash is extremely important to maintaining oral health and preventing cavities, non-professional tools can only do so much. Cleanings by dental health professionals are critical to preventing gum disease. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that is caused when plaque builds up on teeth. This bacterium causes the gums around one’s teeth to become swollen and can cause gingivitis. If the bacteria are not removed during a dental cleaning, the bacteria will continue to burrow deeper and deeper into the gums, causing teeth to rot and fall out. The bacteria can even burrow down into the patient’s bones. This is extremely damaging to oral and physical health and should be prevented. Getting dental cleanings is a key way to do this.

Diagnosing Potential Dental Problems

During dental cleaning appointments, the dentist will also check for potential dental problems, such as cavities. If caught early, some cavities can be reversed. However, since these cavities must be in the early stages for this to happen, they need to be detected early. The only way that they can be detected at such an early stage is through the examination process that the dentist performs, which often involves an x-ray. Additionally, other potential problems, such as gingivitis, can be detected early, and the dentist can let the patients know about things they need to change in their current dental habits to keep diseases from progressing.

Making the Most Out of Dental Plans

Finally, many dental healthcare plans include dental cleaning in their packages. When a person chooses not to go to dental cleanings that are already covered by their dental insurance plans, they are not taking advantage of the benefits for which they are paying. Not going to covered cleaning visits is essentially allowing one’s money to go to waste.

Study after study shows the correlation between oral health and overall health. Therefore, to protect their overall health, patients need to make sure that they are protecting their oral health. Although brushing and flossing are extremely important, they are not enough by themselves. Patients must utilize cleaning dental appointments, not only to screen for potential dental problems, but to also learn how to take better care of their teeth. Since these visits are often covered by dental insurance plans, it would be foolish not to go.

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