ER vs. Urgent Care

ER vs. Urgent Care

A cut, a flu, a broken bone, all of these injuries require a medical intervention. However, sometimes you cannot estimate whether you should go to an ER or to urgent care. Although both of these facilities can provide you with adequate help, either of them are to be visited in certain situations.

When to go to an ER

If you are experiencing serious medical conditions, which need immediate attention, ER is the place to go to. Moreover, you should not drive yourself if you are in a life-threatening situation, but call 911. You will be transported safely to the facility, by well-trained emergency responders. Emergency rooms are specialised for handling life-threatening situations. The first ones to be taken care of are the patients whose lives are in great danger. Conditions such as abdominal pain, chest pain or pressure, coughing or vomiting blood, difficult breathing, severe burns, sudden weakness or loss of consciousness require immediate medical care.

Furthermore, if you experience sudden or severe pain or uncontrolled bleeding make sure to instantly call 911. Moreover, centers such as FrontlineER can be of great help as well. It provides patients with quality, efficient emergency care for all ages, including infants. Allergic reactions, broken bones, high fevers or chest pain, they are trained and qualified to treat everything.

When to go to urgent care

Patients with a non-life-threatening injury or illness, is treated at urgent care. It will save you a lot of money over going to an ER. If you are experiencing any sprains or fractures, go to an urgent care, because they are well equipped with x-ray machines, and can treat those injuries immediately.

ER-vs.-Urgent-CareFurthermore, if you are experiencing dehydration, urgent care can provide you with IV fluids to make you feel better. Cuts can be treated at the ER, but considering you may not have any serious wounds, you might end up spending hours in the waiting room. Therefore, turn to urgent care and they will treat the laceration immediately. However, if the cut is seriously deep, and you could see the bone that is not the injury urgent care should take of.

Animal and bug bites, allergy symptoms, bladder infection, ear infection, cuts, scrapes and lacerations are all to be treated in an urgent care. Also, if you get fever, headache, rash or any other skin condition, sore throat, respiratory illness, stomach pain, sprains also seek help at an urgent care. Moreover, if you have any other health concern that you are sure cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment, feel free to visit urgent care.

Life-threatening situations require immediate attention, and that is what an ER is for. Any other condition can be treated at an urgent care, or even at your doctor’s office. Not only will emergency care cost you more money, but you might also waste your time waiting for hours for treatment of not so urgent problem. A certain health condition can scare you and you may not know who to turn to, so there is always 911 emergency at your disposal. They will help you estimate if the condition is serious or not, and provide you with necessary care.

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Sophie Andersen

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