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The Most Common Drugs Used By Adolescents

The Most Common Drugs Used By Adolescents

Teenage drug use is varied based on where the teens live in the country. It has been determined that marijuana, prescription medicines such as vicodin and Ritalin, inhalants such as aerosol, and alcohol are among the top drugs that adolescents abuse. In the United States, teen drug abuse has become somewhat of an epidemic.

These are the drugs most commonly used by teenagers.

Marijuana Is Commonly Used by Teenagers

This is at the top of the list for drugs that most teens try at least once. Fortunately, most teenagers will not smoke marijuana on a regular basis. There are some who develop a habit – using several times a week or even daily. It can impact their concentration, level of productivity and often results in skipping school and activities that they once enjoyed. Grades may suffer as a result of smoking marijuana, as well.

Prescription Medications

Prescription drugs that have been prescribed for the adolescent may have addictive properties, depending on what they are. It is necessary to monitor dosage and for parents to be aware of how a child is affected by taking prescription drugs. Some teens may take them when they are not prescribed, either by getting them from friends who use them medically or by purchasing the drugs from someone. There are several reasons why a teen would do this, including a desire for greater concentration, to be able to stay awake and have more energy, or to experience a “high”.

Most Common Drugs Used By Adolescents Inhalants

Teenagers can find inhalants easily, such as spray cans for products that are typically right in their own homes. One of the inhalants that are fairly popular is aerosol. This creates an immediate “high” for the individual that many teens like to experience. Though it is done in their own household or at friend’s houses, this is something that adolescents hide. Be sure to look out for signs that your child may have an issue with using inhalants if you notice any suspicious behavior on his or her part. That way, you can curb the problem before it gets any worse.


It may surprise you to learn that teens find numerous ways to acquire alcohol for solitary use, or to bring to parties with their friends. According to research, more teens drink alcohol than those who smoke cigarettes or marijuana. One in five is said to have an episode of binge drinking in the past two weeks (from the time the research was conducted). Stress and genetic factors play a role in alcohol abuse, so it is a good idea to be proactive in preventing alcohol use in teens who are at risk.

Drug abuse is concerning, especially when it comes to adolescents. A close relationship to parents or guardians and other role models is key to preventing such habits from developing.

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