Exciting New Research Reveals That a Chiropractor Can Possibly Help With Fertility

Exciting New Research Reveals That a Chiropractor Can Possibly Help With Fertility

Over the past several years, the percentage of infertility cases for men and women within the U.S. has been dropping. A good percentage of this can be attributed to the ever-growing awareness of good health and nutrition. But, just as there are many causes of infertility, there are just as many treatments. Let’s look more closely at one little-known alternative treatment: chiropractic manipulation.

The Research

The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR) presents a series of case studies detailing treatment and the subsequent resolution of infertility of subjects exhibiting various clinical classifications. It has been noted that patients undergoing chiropractic treatment had the added side benefit of increased fertility leading to pregnancy. These patients were of varying ages and were receiving chiropractic treatment for individual conditions.

Research into this unexpected side effect is ongoing but is showing marked promise. An important factor to consider is that the nerves affecting the reproductive system run through the spine. It stands to reason, if a condition exists affecting the spine, it will affect a majority of the functions associated with the spine as well. You can draw the resulting association from this reasoning.

The patients in these studies ranged in age from 22 to 65. The 65-year-old did not get pregnant from treatment, though she did exhibit the starting of a menstrual cycle she had never experienced.

Different chiropractic techniques were applied to these patients negating a commonality to the techniques applied. What ties these practices together are neurological changes seen in the patients. These changes have been seen to contribute to increased fertility.

How it Works

The body has many functions to perform. When the delicate balance of these functions becomes impaired, there is often a wide-range of ailments produced as a result. The spinal cord is involved in many of these functions, from protecting your nerves to balance.

A chiropractor assists in keeping the spine in an optimal working condition. Straightening the spine, relieving the pain of dislocated disks, releasing pinched nerves, and even resolving severe headaches and migraines are just a few of the conditions that can be aided by a chiropractor.

As the reproduction system nerves also share space in the spine, relieving these tensions, will take away pressures placed upon these nerves as well. The implications are still being researched, as well as larger studies undertaken to solidly confirm the findings of the preliminary case studies. However, it appears very promising for future applications. The uses of chiropractic may have taken on a new role. This is great news for anyone experiencing the trials of infertility wishing to find possibly less-invasive remedies.

Treatments by a chiropractor are often covered by insurance. You will want to verify this with your insurance company. It is recommended that you consider a certified chiropractor for any treatments.

If you have developed an interest in researching this idea further, there are many sites dedicated to this new subject. A good source for researching the roles of a chiropractor can be found at webmd. This site provides a good checklist to refer back to when seeking your own chiropractic practitioner.

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