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How to Support a Recovering Addict

How to Support a Recovering Addict

Many people who want their loved ones get rid of substance abuse often think that professional services like detox and rehab are the start and the end of the recovery process.

They often fail to understand that these drug rehabilitation centers are just the start of a long journey.

Recovering from substance abuse is a very long process because it requires a lot of courage, persistence and resolve to stay on the sobriety track. Recovering addicts need the support of loved ones after getting professional assistance, so it is very important for you to embolden and motivate recovering addicts to stick to a drug-free life.

Studies suggest that recovering addicts who received continuous support and encouragement from their loved ones found more success in beating the addiction than those who didn’t.

Below are some ways to support a recovering addict:

1. Pay Attention

Recovering addicts need your attention; particularly they want someone to listen to them without panning them. One of the best ways to help a recovering addict is by paying attention to what they have to say and allowing them to tell you their apprehensions, doubts, experiences and other feelings. This way you are letting the recovering addict voice his or her concerns to a kind ear in order to get relieved from stress.

2. Show Compassion

Most recovering addicts often feel that they are being judged whenever they express their feelings to someone. One of the best ways to nullify this feeling is by showing compassion and demonstrating your love for the person instead of judging ther.  Also, don’t criticize, and don’t express your disapproval of their feelings. All they are asking for is you support, and if you handle this with care and love, they would soon become completely sober.

3. Create a Drug-Free Atmosphere

The best way to ensure that a substance-addict recovers to become a sober individual in the long run is by creating a drug-free atmosphere. You can ensure that your loved one is protected from drugs by keeping her away from places that might lure her to revert, and by eliminating any drugs from the environment where the recovering addict is living.

alcoholism-addict-recovery4. Reassure and Motivate

You should always reassure and motivate a recovering addict to continue their drug-free life. You can do this by choosing other healthy activities for them to pass time, and by motivating them to indulge in exercising and playing sports. When you keenly demonstrate your care for them, they will find it much comfortable to steer clear of a potential relapse.

5. Practice Patience

Recovering from substance abuse is a slow process, and it requires the addict’s loved ones to demonstrate much patience. If you seriously want them to recover, you have to show patience when they make mistakes because mistakes certainly occur during the recovery process. Show your love by telling your loved one that you are always there for them, and that you are well aware that they will stick with their commitment to recover.

Remember, recovering from substance abuse is much easier when the addict’s loved ones demonstrate support. Your loved one would recover fast if you practice the points explained above.

Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley is a partner at Vizown, a women’s treatment center in Oklahoma. He is extremely passionate and determined to help women overcome their addictions and live a clean, wholesome, happy life.

Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley

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