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Unisex Rehabilitation Centers Vs Women Only Rehabilitation Centers

Unisex Rehabilitation Centers Vs Women Only Rehabilitation Centers

Are you looking for a rehabilitation center for your female friend, but confused whether to choose the unisex or women only rehabilitation center? You are not alone. Most people face this complex. To find a compassionate drug rehab for women might sound easier than it actually is.

Addiction treatment for woman deals with unique, addiction-related needs of a woman to help her feel safe as she bears the pain of addiction. When seeking the rehabilitation services for substance abuse, it is necessary to find a center that works for her needs. Entering a recovery home is difficult for women due to family, social and cultural patterns. Also, the feeling of shame deters women from seeking help, even though their lives are at risk.

Why choose Women Only Rehabilitation Centers It is true that women and men experience and deal with addiction differently; the same goes for their recovery. Psychologically, women addicted to a substance have a different profile and narrative than men who are addicted. Thus, it is best to choose women only rehabilitation centers over unisex rehabilitation centers.

  1. In the unisex rehabilitation centers, women may not get the same kind of focus or attention on their gender-specific issues that they will get at a women’s treatment center. In the women specific centers, the healing process encourage women to explore the traumas and issues that underlie the addiction. The counseling is done in an environment of safety and trust, where a woman’s voice is respected and heard.
  2. In the women specific rehab centers, the focus is on re-building a woman’s self-esteem and empowering her with self-confidence and support. These centers aim to develop a sense of understanding and community. A treatment program that caters to women can help them deal with the feelings of shame and other women related issues.
  3. Bonding behaviors are more noticeable in gender-specific groups as in unisex centers women often feel uncomfortable to express their issues in the presence of men. The unaddressed issues give rise to feelings of shame, failure, and guilt. It is necessary to create an environment that nurtures the revealing emotion for recovery.
  4. Women only rehab centers eliminates the sexual and intimate distractions among the men and women. A new relationship can take the place of the void that patients feel during the treatment and escape some emotional distress. Though, it also increases the chances of relapse even if one of the partner feels weak. In the only women rehab center, the elimination of sexual distraction allows a supportive and safe environment that allows the patients to focus on the recovery and themselves.

The women only rehabilitation centers are preferred as they aim to improve the focus on the self-esteem of a woman and provide her with the self-confidence needed to achieve a speedy recovery over the time. It is best to choose the center that is well reputed and feature an experienced staff to ensure an effective treatment without being psychologically, emotionally and physically drained. If you still have some questions regarding addiction rehabilitation, you can read HERE.

Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley is a partner at Vizown, a women’s treatment center in Oklahoma. He is extremely passionate and determined to help women overcome their addictions and live a clean, wholesome, happy life.

Kitt Wakeley

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