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Signs You May be Starting to Abuse Drugs or Alcohol

Signs You May be Starting to Abuse Drugs or Alcohol

If you are suspecting that you are suffering or is in the verge of suffering from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction because of some reason, here are the some of the things that you should know and take notice of in order to take control of your life again.  You also have to remember that it is not entirely your fault that you may feel dependent on a substance and that you might feel and act like a totally different person since excessive exposure to drugs or alcohol can change a person’s brain pattern and even structure.

Social Changes

Take a look around you and remember when was the last time you have socialized or contacted your family members and friends. If you have not made time for the people around you, you need to go out and talk or just hang out with them. Even if you think it has nothing to do with your use of a drug or consuming of alcohol, you still need to talk to people just to connect and bond every once in a while no matter how introverted or a loner you are. If you don’t do this, there is a higher chance of you feeling left out and depressed. You may even develop anxiety and you’ll only realize it when you go out after a long while. If this happens, there is also a higher risk of you being more dependent on drugs or alcohol since you will become more vulnerable. Another change that you may notice is if you have no time or determination to do the stuff that you once loved and were always happy to do.

Behavioral Changes

If you notice or the people around you notice that something in you have changed, you might want to step back and access your situation. Drug addiction or abuse may cause a person to act and think differently. Since the mind and body can’t focus properly because of the need to take drugs or alcohol because of dependency, you might not notice that you are having irrational mood swings to the eye of others.

If you have been told by people or you have noticed that you are frequently having  mood swings like being irate and hot headed as well as anxious when a time has passed by where you have not taken a drug or alcohol, it is a sign that you need to withdraw your self from it immediately and not give in to the urge. It may be really hard especially if you develop extreme withdrawal symptoms but you have to be strong and get the help that you think would work best for you. Your changing pattern may have also changed with you being asleep or lethargic most of the day and awake in the middle of the night.

Psychological Changes

Since drug or alcohol abuse may lead to the changes in the brain, you will also experience psychological changes. One of the obvious changes is how you prioritize things. If you are suddenly not conscious of your personal grooming and does not care what you look or smell like all that much, and taking the drug or alcohol seems to be on the same level as primary needs like eating or maybe higher, it is a sure sign that you have developed a dependency and is addicted to it.

If it turns out that you really are suffering from substance abuse or addiction, you are on the right track since you have noticed and identified your problem. Being able to know that you have something that you have to fix is the first step in getting better. Even though it may seem hard in the middle of your journey of cleaning yourself from the traces of substance or alcohol in your body and mind, remember that there are family and friends that are ready to support you and that you are strong enough to overcome your dependency in things even though your mind and body might tell you otherwise.

Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley is a partner at Vizown, a women’s treatment center in Oklahoma. He is extremely passionate and determined to help women overcome their addictions and live a clean, wholesome, happy life.

Kitt Wakeley

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