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Why Should Doctors Blog

Why Should Doctors Blog

You are probably saying to yourself, “I went through years upon years of school to become a doctor. Now someone is telling me in order to get authority, I should blog?” Well, it is perfectly fine to be a little bit confused. Whether you are a seasoned doctor or a new doctor, it does not hurt to have a blog. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or take a lot of time either. The blog will allow you to gain respect and authority on the net.

What will it do?

Having a blog as a doctor can benefit you in so many ways. For one, it can help you build a client base. It will give you a leg up in your field, especially if you are new. With the internet, many people Google their symptoms or try and find out about different illnesses. Having a blog can easily land them on your site. They can get the information they need from a professional, like yourself. This can either make them a client of yours, if they live in the area, or they can spread the word about your blog and it can bring in clients. This is why it is vital that you spend a little bit of time on your blog. Make your posts informative. Don’t use the only doctor lingo without putting it in layman’s terms that people understand. The better your blog is, the more people that will find you. It is all about respect and authority. You have to make a name for yourself, especially if you just entered the medical field. You will need a following, even if it is just a small one for now.

Do Other Doctors Blog?

Of course they do. Some of them even guest post on each other’s blogs. There are sites out there that you can use to share your wealth of knowledge with doctors just like yourself also. It is crucial you start belonging to communities such as these because you will not only be getting clients, but you will learn things you may not have learned throughout your years in medical school. As most doctors say, a lot of the job is on the job training.

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