Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

A large number of people turn to chiropractic treatment for back pain. It is estimated that 35% of Americans visiting chiropractors are seeking relief from back pain. Back pain arises from a number of causes including sport injuries, muscle strains and accidents.

When you seek chiropractic care for back pain there are a number of steps involved. First your chiropractor go over your medical history, perform a physical examination and use any lab tests or diagnostic imaging to ensure that chiropractic treatment can be applied to you.

In order to treat back pain your chiropractor may make one or more “manual adjustments”. These manual adjustments involve the manipulation of joints via a controlled and sudden force aimed at the improving the range and quality of motion. Chiropractors also provide their patients with detailed advice on lifestyle changes, such as what constitutes as good quality nutrition and specific exercises to help alleviate your pain.

Research has proven that chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective treatment for tackling acute lower back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

Neck pain can arise due to a number of reasons. Injury and daily life wear and tear top the list. Poor posture in the office environment is especially a great contributor towards neck pain.

For neck pain (especially that has arisen from injury and bad posture) it has been noted that chiropractic treatments and light exercises prove to be more effective than pain medication. And recent trend shows that more and more people are opting for chiropractic care in order to alleviate their neck pain.

When you visit the chiropractor for neck pain there will be a number of steps involved before the actual treatment starts. The chiropractor will first carry out physical and neurological exams in order to determine the particular movements causing pain and if there are any muscle spasms. The chiropractor will also inspect the spine checking its curvature and alignment. The shoulder area will also be examined.

After all necessary diagnostic procedures are carried out and it has been determined that your problem lies in the area dealt with chiropractic treatments “neck adjustment” will ensue.

Neck adjustment also known as cervical manipulation is a very exact procedure. It is carried out by hand, with the aim of improving the mobility of spine and restoring the range of motion. Chiropractic patients report that they can turn and tilt their head with much more ease following a neck adjustment.

Along with neck adjustment chiropractors may also recommend other types of treatment. For example they might give you rehabilitative exercises to do or massages to the affected area.


Choosing a Chiropractor

Choose a chiropractor that is willing to co-ordinate his or her treatment with any treatment you are receiving from your medical doctor. Also a good chiropractor should guide you regarding home treatment and exercise.

Chiropractors who employ slow, gentle manual techniques should be preferred. Also enquire the extent of X-ray usage by your chiropractic. Avoid those chiropractors who use full body X-rays, especially in the case of children. Unnecessary X-rays are not good as they give out high levels of radiation.

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