How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Spinal Hygiene

How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Spinal Hygiene

Centuries ago, people didn’t know that infection was the leading cause of death. They didn’t understand the importance of hand washing, particularly of doctors cleaning and disinfecting their hands before surgery. People also didn’t recognize that poor hygiene made them more susceptible to deadly illnesses. However, over time, we have become more educated about protecting our health.

Today, one of the latest frontiers in health is spinal hygiene and we are slowly beginning to notice its importance. The spine is the protective housing for the nervous system, which tells your body to breathe, tells your heart to beat, tells your arms and legs to move, tells your body how to provide new cells, and even has the ability to manage healing. A broken or misaligned spine will dramatically interfere with the signals being sent through the nervous system, eventually leading to bodily pain, internal deterioration, and loss of the many of the everyday functions we tend to take for granted.

Spinal hygiene is vital, yet 89% of the world’s population doesn’t recognize the importance of maintaining correct alignment of the vertebrae through chiropractic adjustment. Many people also fail to realize the necessity of protecting the spine from injury through healthy living practices.

People Don’t Take of Their Spines

Instead, we tend to neglect our spines. As kids, we begin our lives with tumbles that jar our spines, then we often grow into adults with poor posture. We tend to carry things that are too heavy, carry overloaded backpacks, and suffer injury through automotive accidents, sports impacts, and stress.

You Can Fix Your Spine!

Get in on the health trend of the future, today. Be a part of the growing proportion of the population that enjoys better health through regular care of their spines. Check with your chiropractor regarding ways in which you can improve your spinal hygiene.

Chiropractic care has long stressed the importance of a healthy spine for overall health and well-being. A study published in the August 16, 2004 issue of The Journal of Bone Luxation Analysis (JVSR) has shown that spinal hygiene really will improve the measure of quality of life. According to this study, “Spinal hygiene is outlined as patient-active principles and/or practices contributing to manufacturing a healthy backbone and system and preventing bone subluxations. This includes:

  • up posture
  • promoting correct exercise
  • creating healthy organic process selections
  • help with stress reduction
  • ergonomics
  • stress upon the patient’s self-responsibility and applicable skilled spinal analysis and care.”

The patient and the chiropractor can work together to improve the patient’s spinal hygiene and overall well-being!

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