Norah Martin is passionate about health and fitness, and can't imagine two days going by without a run. She believes a good workout can relieve the effect of day-to-day stress, and is on a mission to share her ideas with the world.

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If you think that asthma and running don’t go together, think again. Paula Radciffe, a marathon-record holder, or David Beckham, a renowned football player, are just some of the examples of world-class athletes with asthma that show you that it ...

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Everyone’s into yoga these days, and apparently, science approves. Countless research into the effects of the ancient technique have produced unanimous findings, all of which back the benefits of yoga for overall wellbeing. Experts say that yoga holds enormous potential ...

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A lot of people use the word nutrition quite loosely, believing they know everything there is to know about it. Don’t eat after 9pm, ration your meals and eat a lot of raw food, etc. However, things are never this ...

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Up to your bad knee in cardio Cardiovascular workouts are, hands down, one of the best ways to improve heart health, metabolism, and hormonal profile and prevent conditions such as diabetes. Alas, a nasty injury can bring your training plan ...

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