The Wide Variety of Chiropractic Techniques

The Wide Variety of Chiropractic Techniques

The Wide Variety of Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic therapy is intended to identify and correct abnormalities in neuromusculoskeletal functioning, namely mobility and nerve impairment involving the spine and muscles. This kind of correction is achieved through various hands-on manipulations and muscle mobilization movements that are collectively referred to as chiropractic adjustments. There are 55 established chiropractic adjustments that fall under at least 20 different types of chiropractic techniques. In addition, the vast majority of chiropractors use more than one chiropractic technique at any given point, even when addressing the same condition on the same patient.

Why Seek Chiropractic Care?

More than one in four people who see chiropractors are seeking relief from neck pain, whether it stems from an injury, daily misuse, or bad posture, such as sitting for hours in front of a computer screen or using one’s neck to cradle the telephone. Low back pain is also a big reason why people seek chiropractic care.

Some of the Many Techniques Chiropractors Perform

There is a wide variation of techniques used by different chiropractors. Chiropractors focus on dysfunctions that can result from irregularities in the spinal structure or movement. They rely heavily on hands-on procedures to determine structural and functional problems, and they use manipulation to promote normal bodily function while correcting or preventing these structural deviations. These are some of the most common techniques employed by chiropractors.

Bio-Energetic Synchronization

Bio-Energetic Synchronization is one manipulation technique that utilizes light pressure to dislodge and mobilize blocked energy within nerve channels. This chiropractic technique called this because it subscribes to the theory that such blockages initiate subtle pulses in the sensory signals located in various parts of the body that are out of sync with each other. In short, the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (or BEST) attempts to balance the body’s energy field to be in synchronization with the central nervous system.

Cox Flexion Distraction

Another chiropractic technique is Cox Flexion Distraction, which specifically targets compressed discs of the spine to reduce lower back pain. In this therapy, the lower spine is gently stretched using a series of decompression adjustments while the patient lies face-down on a special table. The objective to this chiropractic technique is two-fold. The first is to promote an increase in available metabolites to the impaired disc to help reduce inflammation and improve nerve function. The other goal is to restore range of motion to the spinal joints.

Activator Methods Technique

Activator Methods Technique is a gentle, low-force program of chiropractor care. It has been safely used for nearly 40 years to benefit people with a wide range of health problems without drugs or surgery. In the late 1960s, this revolutionary chiropractic technique was developed to improve safety and comfort for the chiropractic patients. Since then, the technique has grown to be the most widely-used “low force” chiropractic technique in the world.

Contact Reflex Analysis

Contact Reflex Analysis is a technique employed by natural health care physicians including chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, dentists and medical doctors.

Other Techniques

There are also other types of chiropractors’ techniques such as the chiropractic physical maneuver, the chiropractic non-force technique, the activator, applied kinesiology, and network chiropractic which combines several techniques determined by the clinical findings.

What Else a Chiropractor Can Do to Help You With Pain Management

Some chiropractors specialize in practicing a specific chiropractic technique to address spinal irregularities. However, many chiropractors also employ measures that target soft-tissue inflammation, such as gentle massage and the application of heat or ice in addition to manipulation techniques. Furthermore, many chiropractors promote the use of complementary therapies in conjunction with chiropractic care, such as nutrition, botanical medicines, meditation, and visualization techniques.

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