Can What You Wear to the Gym be Harming Your Health?

Can What You Wear to the Gym be Harming Your Health?

Every gym has a guy who dresses inappropriately and looks like he is lost. That guy wears the wrong shoes, pants and T-shirts, so try not to be like him. Do not be that guy. Why? Well, by wearing unsuitable clothes at the gym, you risk injuries on a daily level. Not many people know that an improper outfit is harming their health – and they do not even notice it! Here is how to avoid certain dangerous pieces of clothing.


When it comes to clothing, there are generally two groups of people in the gym – those who dress to impress and those who do not care what they look like because they know they are not on a runway. However, both groups have a tendency to make the same mistake and choose 100% cotton T-shirts. Why is this such a bad idea?

The problem is that cotton, though comfy, does not allow your body to breathe. When you break a sweat, such a T-shirt absorbs all of it and, since it cannot dry, the sweat stays with you through the entire training session. It can ultimately cause irritation, rash and infections on your skin. So, try wearing synthetic T-shirts made specifically for the gym, make sure you do not stay in them after working out and wash them after every use.


Wearing inadequate footwear in the gym can cause all sorts of problems – you can easily slip, trip and fall, sprain your ankles and tear your joints or knee ligaments. That is why having good shoes is a must in the gym. You want them to be solid and supportive: most of us have feet with a tendency to roll inward, so your shoes need to correct that. They will also smooth your run and prevent your feet from absorbing too much pressure. Moreover, lighter shoes will make you run faster, which is always good!

When it comes to choosing the right athletic shoes, there are a number of things to take into consideration, from how often you work out to what types of exercises you prefer. But, a rule of thumb is that you must buy shoes at a trustworthy store, rely on trusted brands that know what they are doing – Ryder, for example, consults professional athletes and uses their expert input when designing shoes – and find a pair that will both protect your ankles and knees and help you generate more force. Finally, replace your shoes from time to time, especially if you are a keen runner – a 2004 study suggests that a pair of running shoes endures about 500 km.


Can What You Wear to the Gym be Harming Your Health Not a lot of gym enthusiasts like wearing sweatpants while working out because these, just like cotton T-shirts, absorb sweat. But, sweatpants are not all that bad because they help you burn calories, keep you warm and protect your skin against sunburns. However, choosing the right sweatpants is important because an inadequate choice, just like with sweatshirts, can cause more harm than good.

Baggy sweatpants are among the things to avoid because of two simple reasons: they can get caught in a piece of gym equipment and, moreover, will prevent you from seeing your own body when working out. That way, you will not know if you are performing your exercise correctly or are you about to hurt yourself. That is why gym shorts and tighter sweatpants are a much better solution.

Further Issues

There are more things you have to worry about when it comes to potentially dangerous gym clothes, from unsuitable socks to improper underwear. Just remember to choose simple clothing items, made from natural materials and replace them from time to time.

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Norah Martin

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