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Two-Step Conversion Optimization

Two-Step Conversion Optimization

If you are wondering why your online business has the best offers, yet your visitors seem to just click through your website without completing the buying process, it is time to consider conversion optimization. Here are two simple steps on how to turn your website visitors into paying customers:

1. Create an Awesome User Experience

Imagine yourself walking into a boutique shop either because you were attracted by its signage while passing by or because you think they may have the item you are looking for. What would make you stay and look around? Similar to your online business, you have to think of how you can provide a great experience to your visitors so that they will stay on your website long enough to actually buy something. Here are some things you can consider:

  • Make it easier on the eyes – When a user clicks on your website, and all he sees is blocks of text or haphazard images and links, his mind cannot immediately digest the purpose of the page, and he will instantaneously click the “back” button. To avoid this scenario, organize your web page and use creative and original graphics. If your website is selling products, put captivating pictures of these. On the other hand, if you are offering services, you can include graphic illustrations such as flowcharts with images to communicate how your services are delivered. This is much easier to understand than just reading a lengthy description of the services.
  • Provide smooth navigation – Some visitors will most likely just leave your web page if it takes them a lot of steps to see the information they are looking for. Just as a normal brick-and-mortar store should have a friendly salesperson who knows where everything is and assists the customer in finding what he needs fast, you should design your website so that a visitor is directed to the right page as soon as possible. Remove unnecessary steps and reduce the number of clicks it will take them to select a product, place an order, and pay. Slow loading of web pages will also disappoint a potential customer.
  • Develop a mobile version – Consider this scenario: a user is stuck in a traffic jam and remembers checking out your website for new offers, so he takes out his smartphone. He spots something he wants to buy. However, the display on his screen is such that he needs to scroll it sideways to see the whole page. He looks for a button to convert the site to a mobile version but does not find any. One of these three instances may happen – he decides to just forget about it out of frustration, checks out other websites that may be offering the same product, or decides to wait to get home and use his desktop but actually forgets all about it afterward. That’s lost sales right there.

2. Make it Easier for Your Customer to Shell out Money

Okay, so your visitors/potential customers like what they see on your website. The next step is to make it easier for them to cough up their money. With the increasing cases of online fraud, web users are sometimes hesitant to transact online. Thus, assure your potential customers that your online business is trustworthy. Incorporate security certificates on your website and raise the reliability of your business.

Also, include customer testimonials. Most people feel somewhat assured when they hear the opinion of other people before purchasing something. If a potential customer doesn’t know anyone who is familiar with your type of products/services, reading testimonials of other customers on your website will help him decide positively towards purchasing your product/service.

The above steps, of course, are not exhaustive. If you think you can still increase your conversion rate (number of potential visitors performing the desired action, e.g. buying) after doing the above steps, consider asking for help from a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company for more advanced conversion optimization techniques.

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