Three Reasons Why You Have to be Seeing Your Dentist Regularly

Three Reasons Why You Have to be Seeing Your Dentist Regularly

Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Seeing Their Dentist Regularly

Why should you visit the dentist regularly? The real question is, why not? Regular dental visits are very important for the maintenance of your gums and teeth. It is recommended that you visit your dentist at six month intervals to monitor the health of your mouth.

The health of your teeth, gums and mouth as a whole is vital because the mouth is the main location where food and nutrients enter your body. Having a mouth full of decay is not only unhealthy for your mouth, but for your whole body as well.

When you visit your dentist, he will not only check your teeth for tooth decay. He will evaluate the health of your mouth and neck to look for indications of diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and oral cancer. The head and neck examination completed by your dentist includes:

  • Examination of the face and neck
  • Checking of lower jaw joints
  • Lymph node detection

The Health of Your Mouth

After examining your head and neck, your dentist will then proceed to examining the health of your teeth and gums. He will carefully assess the condition of your mouth through:

  • A gum examination and detection of signs of gum disease
  • An evaluation of the health of the tissues inside your mouth
  • Looking for loose and cavity-infested teeth
  • Tongue inspection and determining if you have a proper bite
  • Looking for damaged fillings and broken or chipped teeth
  • X-ray and Orthodontic exams

By now, your dentist will know the condition of your teeth and can make a proper assessment of what dental services your mouth may need.


Once your dentist has completed his search for harmful dental conditions in your mouth, he will then proceed to cleaning your mouth and making it healthy and sparkling clean. The most common methods of dental cleaning are composed of:

  • The removal of deep seated tartar and plaque
  • Overall flossing of all teeth
  • Polishing your teeth to their natural white color

At this point, your visit to the dentist is nearing its end. Finally, after all those procedures, your dentist will then again remind you of the proper method of brushing and flossing your teeth. He will also add additional recommendations and proper care to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Making regular visits to your dentist every six months and completing routine cleanings and examinations are all good practices for maintaining your oral health.

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