Smile Confidently with Porcelain Veneer

Smile Confidently with Porcelain Veneer

Most people aren’t blessed with perfect teeth, not even movie stars. It is human nature for people to be affected by how they look. In some ways, your looks can build up or break down your personal level of confidence.

Cosmetic dental procedures can be an effective option for someone who wants perfectly straight and white teeth. There are lots of ways to go–depending on the condition of your teeth– to get your smile the way you want it. Dental veneers are one of the most popular choices to solve a variety of problems, such as yellow stains, cracked or broken teeth, or other damage to your teeth.

Dental veneers are sometimes called porcelain veneers. This is basically a tooth-colored, custom-made shell. The material thickness is about ½ millimeter and it can be porcelain or other resin composite. The experts suggest that porcelain veneers are more like natural teeth in terms of color and feel. This material is also believed to be more stain-resistant than the resin one.

What Happens to Your Natural Teeth?

The process of preparing a tooth for a veneer is an extensive one. The process requires the removal of the top 0.5 millimeters of enamel of the natural tooth.

The dentist starts the trimming process by applying numbing spray on the patient’s gums. Then the gum of each tooth is injected to start the actual process of filing off the cover layer of the tooth. An impression of the teeth is taken, and the teeth are provided with temporary veneers until the permanent veneers are produced in the lab. The final veneer is placed on the tooth surface with chemical bonding agents after a certain number of days. So, in a way your natural teeth remain, only with a whiter or shinier plaster on it.

How Long Will it Take?

It may require two to four appointments with your doctor to get this process done. A second appointment may be preferred by the doctor to take x-rays and impressions. There might be a seven to ten day period before finally cementing the permanent veneer.

Can I Afford It?

In comparison with teeth whitening, the cost of a porcelain veneer is much higher. The cost is usually quoted by doctors per tooth. The price is variable depending on the location and the professional experience of the doctor. The price might also vary with the number of sessions required by the doctor you choose to do the procedure.

Many doctors offer long-term, 6, 12, 18 or 24 month payment options. The interest rate may vary as well. Each appointment may be considered separately, and payment may be required at the end of each session.

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