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Small Changes Can Go a Long Way: Improving Your Health

Small Changes Can Go a Long Way: Improving Your Health

It is never too late to start eating healthy food and working out in order to get stronger and build some more muscle mass. Although you might be feeling a bit lazy these days, especially after a long winter and all those holidays, you will be surprised just how easily you can get back in shape and become fit again, if you follow certain nutrition rules. In fact, a healthy diet is more responsible for your efficient weight loss than frequently having muscle inflammation and working out like crazy all day long. Your overall health will also greatly improve, and losing weight will only be part of the benefits you reap.

Start slowly and keep going

You don’t have to push yourself to the limit and test your endurance. On the contrary, you should start slowly so your body could adapt to changes gradually, especially if you haven’t been working out for a long time. The idea behind all those different fitness programs is to develop the habit of daily exercising which will slowly but inevitably increase your stamina and strength. After several days of constant training you will notice certain improvements which will encourage you to keep working out.

Warming up

warming-up Most muscles are made of spindle-shaped tissues which become elastic when heated, so it is very important to warm up a few minutes before you start. This you should be doing every time, no matter if you are planning to go with a few series of really demanding exercises or a simple light jog in the evening. Having this in mind, you could start by doing some cycling or jogging for about 10 to 20 minutes after which you can stretch a bit just to allow your body to prepare for the workout.

Be careful

A lot of people are making the same mistake – after they see their first results, they increase the intake of calories and end up eating more than they have burned throughout exercising. It results in gaining weight despite the fact that they are working hard to lose it. It is true that, at some point, your body may need more than two thousand calories (recommendable intake of calories per day). However, you should be aware that fat starts to burn after half an hour of training, so perhaps you haven’t burned as much as you think.

Eat more protein

Try to eat food rich in protein – fish, beans, eggs, milk and milk products, spinach etc. Proteins play an important role in building muscle tissue and provide the necessary strength to withstand tough workouts. During regular fitness training, the recommendable protein intake is about 1g per kg of body weight per day, but you can increase your intake in case you are lifting heavy weights. It’s also important to avoid bread, crisps, sweets and other foods which contain carbohydrates.


Working hard also means pushing the limits of your mind and body alike, and sometimes your body could use some help in order to give the best results. By working out really hard, you will end up needing a lot of specific nutrients which cannot easily be found in the food you eat every day. Vitamins A, C and E, creatine and amino acids are important if you spend hours in the gym, while different protein powders are also crucial for good results. For example, whey protein will help you re-energize and burn fat faster, as it is full of amino acids and nutrients.

If you have decided to change some things in your life and start working out, it is only natural to expect the best results. Work hard and it will pay off, you will notice positive changes and it will give you the strength to keep going.

Norah Martin

Norah Martin

Norah Martin is passionate about health and fitness, and can’t imagine two days going by without a run. She believes a good workout can relieve the effect of day-to-day stress, and is on a mission to share her ideas with the world.

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