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Small Business Success in Online Marketing is Both Attainable and Affordable

Small Business Success in Online Marketing is Both Attainable and Affordable

Starting up an online marketing campaign for your small business may seem like a daunting task. However, when pairing the right tools with a little time and dedication, online marketing can become a simple, highly effective way to grow your small business.

While it may seem logical to start promoting your small business online as quickly as possible, it’s actually a good idea to take your time when building a website or social media page. The Small Business Online Marketing Guide has a great 4-week tip-a-day calendar that offers a simple timeline for small business owners to follow while building their online presence. The Guide also advises small business owners to devote at least 30 minutes a day to planning their online marketing campaigns. This coincides with business expert Geoffrey James’ advice to spend at least two to four hours a week on online marketing plans.


Keeping Up with Online Marketing Trends is a Key to Online Success for Small Businesses

Perhaps the most important tip to remember about online marketing is that the online marketing world is constantly evolving. This means small business owners need to pay attention to the trends in the online marketing world. Reading online business journals and staying up to date through industry related marketing blogs is an easy way to do this, and it will help you, as a business owner, stay in the know, about the current online marketing world in general.

Compelling Content is a Constant Necessity in the Ever-Changing Online Marketing Realm

Regardless of whether your online marketing strategy is as simple as having a few social media pages for your small business, or a bit more complex, like building multiple sites and blogs as well as a presence in social media, content can make or break your first venture into online marketing. It’s important to remember that you started your small business because you love the product or service you sell. Since you love what you’re selling, then you already know the type of customers your business will attract. You know what benefits customers will be searching for when shopping for your product or service, so when you are creating your site content, be sure to emphasize the benefits of buying not only your product or service, but buying from your business as well. Think of your content as the story of your business.


Keep Track of Your Small Business’ Online Reputation

Though you may be new to the online marketing world, chances are, your business already has a presence as a listing in online business directories, as well as social media pages. For instance, if a Facebook user “checks in” at your business on the social media site, Facebook will create a default location page if you do not already have a page on the site. These pages, as well as the default listings found in unclaimed business and address directories, are known as “dead listings.” When you begin building your online presence, take time to claim “dead listings.” Once claimed, these listings can help you further boost your online presence.

Research Goes a Long Way in Online Marketing Success


There are many great ways to learn how to effectively use online marketing for your small business. Taking the time to study online marketing will pay off when you are working to establish your small business’ online presence.

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