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Physical Therapy Myths Busted

Physical Therapy Myths Busted

When it comes to mainstream medicine, people have some firm and resolute beliefs that are often true. However, when it comes to physical therapy or physiotherapy, most of their beliefs stay stuck to some myths that are hard to bust. Have you also been prescribed physiotherapy by your doctor? If yes, what is stopping you from taking an appointment? If the reasons are listed as myths below, bust them right away and get ready for a new way of healing.

  • Physical therapy can work on ‘anything’- sorry! This ‘anything’ generalization does not work when it comes to physical therapists. A physical therapist can work along with or independent of your doctor, in order to help make your condition better. They cannot treat anything or prescribe your medications that would help in recovery. They would trying to do their best in order to speed up the process of recovery and make sure that your life is back on track sooner. They cannot ‘cure’ anything magically.
  • They don’t go well along with other medical professionals- who said that? Your doctor may even refer you to a physical therapist himself and make sure that you recover sooner. For example, if you are receiving some kind of treatment for back pain, your doctor might ask you to visit a physical therapist. While the doctor’s medications would help you in case of extreme pain, the physical therapist would be making sure that the chances of the pain arising in your body are lessened. This is a two way medical process that would benefit you. No MDs and physical therapists fight with each other for this matter. They just work differently but for the same cause.
  • You can’t get physical therapy without insurance- it is quite possible that you are already subscribed to a healthcare policy that does not pay for physiotherapy. In that case, you would have to bear some out of pocket expenses as well. Sometimes, this can be quite a costly venture. However, some physiotherapists even allow monthly payment options to their patients because of which it becomes far easier for you to manage your expenses. In case you can prove a financial hardship, you might even be allowed to get some discount on these services.

These were some of the myths that have become a part and parcel of our lives but can easily be avoided as well. So stay informed and make only good decisions for your treatment.

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