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How a Physical Therapist Can Help With Exercise

How a Physical Therapist Can Help With Exercise

If you visited a doctor ten or twenty years ago and told her that you were experiencing back pain, she probably would have advised you to get a lot of bed rest and immobilize your back. However, medical research has proven that this technique isn’t effective. If muscles are inactive for long periods of time, they weaken. In fact, if the immobilization is continued for too long a time, it can make the muscles’ condition even worse.

When done properly, exercise increases blood flow to the injured area, which can strengthen and increase muscle flexibility. This increase of flexibility and strength advances the healing process. A physical therapist understands how the body works and provides a personalized approach to treating your pain.


Instant Relief

The first thing a physical therapist can provide you with is relief. Without using prescription medication, your therapist can relieve your muscle pain simply by doing the right things. Aside from exercising, there are a variety of methods used by physical therapists to ease your pain, such as the application of ice or heat packs, muscle stimulation, massage, and ultrasound. Additional pain relief is achieved through active techniques and exercise therapy. This technique works by targeting the sore muscles and performing recommended exercises to stretch muscles and increase their flexibility in order to prevent similar pains in the future.


Just for You

Your body is truly unique, so you need a customized exercise program based on your personal condition and needs. Undergoing physical therapy involves a full evaluation, which includes testing your range of movement, body type, physical capabilities, and activity level. Based on the results of your evaluation, and taking the latest medical research into consideration, your physical therapist can prescribe an exercise program that suits you and is tailored to your capabilities. Even after you are given a customized exercise program, your physical therapist will continue to monitor your performance, review your response to the program, and make necessary adjustments to continuously improve your regimen.


Doing it Right

Physical therapists stress the importance of practicing proper technique when exercising or stretching. If you are careless with the way you exercise or warm up, it could lead to serious injuries or pain. Proper exercise technique allows the patient to isolate the muscle or muscle group to increase the effectiveness of the exercise and at the same time prevent injuries. Your physical therapist can instruct and guide you on the proper techniques for each exercise in your individualized exercise program. Additionally, he or she will show you the proper postures and movements you should practice to get optimal results. It is part of the physical therapist’s job to constantly work to improve their techniques and keep up to date with advancements in the field. Because of this, you can be sure that a certified physical therapist will provide you with the safest and most efficient way for you to relieve your pain through exercise.

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