A Unique Way To Get In The Habit of Flossing

A Unique Way To Get In The Habit of Flossing

If you want to make a point to floss more often, you have to find ways to motivate you to form the new habit. Most people change behavior out of a need and a reward. What reasons help you motivate to floss?

Why do you brush your teeth? Most likely, it’s because you have bad breath or your teeth feel slimy. You have a need to feel make your mouth feel cleaner, thus, you brush for the reward – fresh breath and clean teeth. One Glendale dentist, Dr. Robert B. Yacko, believes he has a new solution in helping patients make a habit of flossing.

Why Floss?

Flossing prevents gum disease and tooth loss by removing the plaque build-up. When gum disease is left unchecked, it is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. Everyone’s teeth are prone to plaque. Although an annual cleaning from your dentist does take care of plaque, flossing between cleanings make the trip to the dentist much easier. Flossing correctly is more important than flossing often. Once a day is sufficient to keep your mouth clean, but take your time.

Remembering to Floss

A-Unique-Way-To-Get-In-The-Habit-of-Flossing Getting into the habit of flossing is probably the hardest part. The myth of taking 21 days to form a habit was shattered in 2009 in a scientific study, performed by the European Journal of Social Psychology, observing that it took at least 66 days to form a habit. It can take up to 254 days, or 8 months, to really implement something into your life. Don’t despair. You can learn to make floss a priority with a simple trick.

To remember to floss every day, eat an orange, or something that gets stuck in your teeth. Other foods that you could try would be popcorn, sunflower seeds, or berries with small seeds. Use this trigger to make you floss every day. By choosing an orange, you get vitamin C every day, which is another benefit to your overall health.

Ask your dental hygienist to show you how to correctly floss. Unlike brushing, you can floss while watching your favorite television show or sitting on the patio while watching the sunset. Once you get into the habit of flossing, you won’t be able to go to bed without taking the time to do it. You’ll enjoy the feeling of freshly, flossed and brushed mouth and gums. Your health is worth it. Take care of yourself by taking the time to floss every day.

Robert B. Yacko

Robert B. Yacko

Robert B. Yacko, DDS of Yacko Dentistry has been serving Arizona families with general dentistry needs for over 24 years. With a commitment to excellence for every patient and their families, Dr. Yacko and staff offers friendly and attentive dentistry service using the latest technologies in dental practice. Dr. Yacko is currently affiliated with the American Dental Association.

Robert B. Yacko

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