Get Your Spouse a Chiropractic Massage

Get Your Spouse a Chiropractic Massage

3 Reasons to Give Your Spouse for Needing a Massage

In today’s tight economic times, couples are often discussing needs vs. wants when it comes time to making the household budget. Do you really need to buy that? Do they really have to get that done right now? Budgeting can become a point of contention leading to marital problems and stress, two things no couple needs in their lives.

To that end, sometimes the stress and strain of working and everyday living can get the best of you. Muscle aches, pains, tension and stressors all work against your body, putting you in agonizing pain while making it difficult to function on an every day level. What you need is a release—what you need is a massage from your local chiropractic office.

Chiropractic Massage is Key to a Healthy Body and Mind

Unfortunately, in the above “need vs. necessity” scenario, a massage can come off as an indulgence or nicety, not something you absolutely need. This can be a hard argument to make, especially when you are the only person who is actually feeling how real and damaging your achy muscles and stressed out body are. Your spouse will undoubtedly balk at the first mention of a massage, especially if the budget is tight—after all, massages are only for special occasions and pampering treatments, right?

They couldn’t be more wrong. Regular, consistent massages are an extremely vital part of a good health and wellness body care regimen. Massages have a number of therapeutic benefits that are undeniable, all of which result in you being healthier, happier and overall, more productive. And as everyone knows, a healthy, happy, productive spouse leads to a healthy, happy and productive relationship.

Three Undeniable Health Benefits that Make Massage a Necessity

  1. Reduced Risk for Injury. No matter how active or sporadic your lifestyle is, the last thing that anyone needs is an injury that will keep them out of work or from helping out around the house. If you think your budget is tight now, imagine it on one income or worse—no income if the sole breadwinner of the house goes down. Because a sport massage from a chiropractor will increase the flow of blood rich in oxygen to the soft tissues of your body, toxins will be flushed out and replaced with vital nutrients. One of these toxins that are “massaged” out of your soft tissues is lactic acid, one of the leading precursors to injury. Whether you are out there running a marathon or just playing in the backyard with the kids, the aches and pains of getting older are a sign that your body needs to be in better athletic condition. Massages will help your body be as fit as it can, better preparing you to workout more effectively and stay healthy—your spouse does want you to be healthy and not suffering in any pain, right?
  2. Better Sleep. With The National Department of Transportation estimating that drowsy driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal injuries annually in the United States, poor sleeping habits are more than a nuisance, they are a severe health issue. Not only can occasional bouts of insomnia lead to a sleepy driver behind the wheel (putting you, your loved ones and the public in danger), it also leads to poor performance at work, putting your job in jeopardy. Another downside to not getting the right amount or proper sleep is being in a poor mood—who in their right mind is happy, agreeable and chipper when they aren’t sleeping well? A sleepless spouse is more argumentative, less agreeable and generally quicker to be confrontational—a condition we recognize in our kids as being in need of a nap! So why are we so dismissive of the benefits of a good night’s sleep as adults? Massage has been shown to help clients stay in the most restorative stage of sleep longer, most commonly referred to as “deep sleep.” This is the point in your sleep cycle when the body moves least and heals the most, leaving you fresh and chipper in the morning. Massage also helps regulate a normal sleep and wake cycle by increasing the levels of serotonin in your body.
  3. Reduce Stress. Finally, there’s the stress factor, a word that often gets far too little traction for how much damage it actually does to our minds and bodies. Stress has an actual physical effect on the body, flooding it with cortisol. Cortisol leads to weight gain which leads to poor health in many cases. Stress can also leave you feeling extremely irritable and not in the right state of mind to be the best spouse you can be—now who would want to live with that? Instead, during a massage by a chiropractor, endorphins will be released, causing the great feelings that are associated with these hormones as they take over the cortisol and reduce your stress.

The Best Way to Get Him or Her to Okay a Massage

Of course, the absolute number one—and often only—reason to get a massage is that it’s not just for you, it’s for them as well. Not only will your relationship be much better since you are happier and more productive, you can book your spouse a massage as well and the two of you can sit down to settle that unruly budget, stress free.

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