Five Signs You Could Benefit from a Breast Reduction

Five Signs You Could Benefit from a Breast Reduction

Large Breasts Negatively Affect Many Women in the US

Medical experts estimate extremely large breasts affect almost one million women today. The physiological effects are present and affect these women without restraint.

These women, with this condition, commonly notice back and neck pain, along with some numbness in their fingers or hands. This condition has even been linked to migraine headaches, causing shortness of breath, and just sitting at a desk at the workplace.

Typical Symptoms of Extreme Breast Size Effects

Often women experience pain for some unusual reasons.

  • Using a smaller bra cup size than they need.
    According to Web MD, many women “squeeze” their breasts into a “D” or “DD” cup when they really need an “E,” “F,” or “G” size. If women need the bigger size, they may be creating their own health problems with their huge breasts.
  • Many women experience pain because of their variance from normal female anatomical bodies.
    Since it is normal for human females to get a bit heavier as they age, their shoulders exhibit “forward rolls.” This extra weight and natural shoulder roll forward, puts some pressure in the thoracic region. Their ribs and shoulder blades, along with the many surrounding nerves often respond to this compression rather negatively (producing pain).While this typically happens to women who have a normal anatomical structure, this pressure often generates pain in women with extremely large breasts. This pain comes from the natural compression of the nerves noted above. If women do not address this pain, over time, their shoulders will pull further forward, leading to more extreme discomfort.

Five Signs You May Benefit from a Breast Reduction Procedure

There are telltale signs that should motivate you to consider a breast reduction. If you endure one or more of these conditions, this procedure may improve your quality of life.

1. You are a “workout warrior” and your breasts get in the way of enjoying your active lifestyle.
Since physical fitness is important to you, the added benefit of losing one to two pounds of useless weight immediately after the breast reduction procedure. If your sports bra doesn’t keep your breasts under control, consider breast reduction procedures to alleviate the problem. This will restore your active lifestyle, except for any injuries you may suffer while working out. Paula Moynahan, a Plastic Surgeon in NYC says “many of our patients seeking breast reductions cite an active lifestyle as one of the leading reasons they want this procedure.

2. You experience back, shoulder and/or neck pain on a regular basis.
When you cannot simply ignore the pain you feel, get yourself checked out by experienced medical professionals. There is always a good reason for feeling pain, particularly when it doesn’t go away, but, becomes a regular partner.If you did not experience a specific injury to your back, both shoulders or your neck – and you have extremely large breasts – you might want to explore the benefits of a breast reduction. Should your pain be centered on your upper back and not one, but both shoulders, you may be a good candidate for a breast reduction. Let a cosmetic surgeon examine you to learn if this procedure could cure your pain.

3. Your bra straps cut into your shoulder muscles.
If you’re not wearing a smaller bra than you need, your problem could be your super-sized breasts. A breast reduction procedure will most certainly solve this uncomfortable problem. Typically, you can blame physics, specifically, gravity, for your discomfort. Usually, a breast reduction procedure, performed by a competent cosmetic surgeon is all you need to eliminate the source of your problem.

4. You have suffered multiple bouts of rashes or other irritations under your breasts.
Enormous breasts can cause your skin rub on itself and result in uncomfortable irritations and/or rashes – sometimes, even stubborn infections – troublesome to cure. Since bathing may not alleviate the problem, the area is hard to reach for you while in your tub.

5. Clothing, even high fashion styles, do not fit you right.
Are you tired of arguing with your body when you try to buy clothes? Must you buy dresses that look unsatisfactory your body? Are the tops too big for the rest of your normal size body?Assuming you have a normally fit body except for your extremely large breasts, a breast reduction could allow you to return to always looking your best. You will no longer need to buy a larger size for your tops and a smaller size for your skirts and You will be able to buy stylish outfits that fit you perfectly.


Breast reduction is a safe, effective solution for women who must contend with extra-large breasts. More than simply a cosmetic or “good looking” procedure, breast reduction can relieve consistent pain and restore your self-esteem.

When you look good, you feel good, both physically and mentally. Your fashionable clothes fit just right.

Dr. Paula Moynahan

Dr. Paula Moynahan

Dr. Paula Moynahan is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Connecticut and New York state. She is focused on addressing the signs of aging through various treatments including surgery, nutrition, and skin treatments.

Dr. Paula Moynahan

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