Fight Against Sensitive Teeth

Fight Against Sensitive Teeth

Fight Against Sensitive Teeth

Are you having a hard time enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning because of your sensitive teeth? Or are you perhaps resisting the urge to put ice cream in your grocery cart? Then it’s time to take a quick trip to your dentist and have it checked out. You’ll surely get some friendly tips on how to battle sensitive teeth.

WebMD tells us that teeth sensitivity is caused by gradual exposure of dentin, a soft part in our tooth under the tooth enamel. Dentin is structured to have tiny tubes filled with fluid that are connected to our nerves which signal the type of food we are eating. In this sense, whenever we chose to eat hot or cold foods, the movement of fluid is interrupted, causing a sharp pain in the affected tooth. Pain may be experienced for just a short amount of time, but it disrupts the comfort and enjoyment we may expect while eating. There are several factors that contribute to sensitive teeth. Some of the common ones include:

  • Brushing vigorously: Sometimes we tend to brush our teeth vigorously resulting in the thinning of enamel and recession of our gums. There are also cases wherein we simply do not brush long enough, resulting in plaque build-up. Brushing should be done with proper technique in mind. Our dentists can help us by recommending the right toothpaste to use for oral hygiene as well as the right methods in brushing.
  • Using the wrong toothbrush: It is best to consult our dentist on the type of toothbrush we need to use, specifically for the condition of our teeth. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can result in the enamel becoming worn out.
  • Gingivitis: This is the medical term for gum disease, which poses a serious threat as an oral condition if left untreated. One symptom of gingivitis is the occurrence of inflamed and sore gum tissue, gradually increasing vulnerability to dentin exposure. Periodontitis is a more advanced condition that damages the tissue and bones of the teeth. Dentists can help by providing prescriptions to manage this condition as well.
  • Improper oral hygiene: Sometimes oral products contribute to teeth sensitivity. Overuse of mouthwash and tooth-whitening products without reviewing their contents can cause worn-out enamel. Be sure to double-check your products, particularly their contents, frequency of use, and dosage. Googling for product reviews is also beneficial before starting to use a product. There are already several dental treatments provided by dentists which are safer in maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Food Mismanagement: Food with high acidic content poses a greater risk in dentin exposure. Enamel becomes vulnerable after consuming foods with acid content, so it’s best to let teeth recover for a few hours before brushing.

Dentists play a significant role in oral hygiene. Teeth sensitivity is a disorder which, if ignored, can only result in a more serious disorder. As early as possible, make that appointment with your dentists to learn if you can simply treat it using the right products or if dental treatment is necessary for your condition.

Samuel Kwon

Samuel Kwon

Samuel Kwon

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