Top 3 Reasons Why Should You Use an Electric Tooth Brush

Top 3 Reasons Why Should You Use an Electric Tooth Brush

The advancement in our technology does not only make us to be on top of our time, but it also brings a lot of personal advantages and one of which is through the development of electric tooth brush. A bunch of research studies have formulated different kinds of tooth brush which comes in various types of bristles. However, one of their greatest inventions that outweigh the purpose of having a manual brush are the several reasons that an electric tooth brush can do. Several oral diseases have become a major problem to most people because there are some diseases that can lead to serious illness. That is why it is very important not just to regularly and religiously brush our teeth but to also give them the best oral care as much as possible.

Now, let us take a look at the difference between an electric tooth brush versus a manual tooth brush making us realize why we should use the electric one rather than the manual.

Faster and Easier brushing

When we talk about manual toothbrush, what we should rely on plainly is our strength to do the stroke as fast as we can. Also, these brushes come in longer bristles that may harm our gums once we do faster strokes. On the other hand, the electrical brush usually comes with shorter bristles and we are relying on the battery with regards to the stroke. Comparatively, a manual tooth brush can only manage up to approximately 300 to 600 strokes per minute the maximum; meanwhile the electric tooth brush can manage an approximate amount of 3000 up to 8000 maximum strokes depending on the type of electric tooth brush to be used. With you having to only hold the brush and allows it to slide all over your oral cavity, you will surely have a fun brushing experience. You do not have to exhaust all your effort in turning your manual brush upside down using a rotation motion because the electric brush will do it all for you.

A deep and painless cleaning will be guaranteed

If you haven’t seen an electric tooth brush, these usually come in a small sized circular brush tip. This is an ideal design for a brush because it can reach up to the farthest portion of your teeth where most of the food debris can be tucked. Also, electric brushed are well designed to perfectly fit in cleaning your mouth while providing you with deep and painless cleaning. Even though you will find its bristles a bit stiff, it will then be soft once used in order to avoid irritating and damaging the gums.

To have a better stain removal and fresher breath

Several drinks such as coffee are known to stain teeth. Teeth are supposed to be white in colour, not yellowish. An electric tooth brush is known to be effective in removing stain on your teeth because of the faster and stiffer rotation it does leaving you a clean and healthy mouth, thus you will enjoy fresher breathe.

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