The Different Types Of Dentistry

The Different Types Of Dentistry

Dentistry is a wide and varied field and people are often unaware of the kind of dentist that they are visiting. It is not uncommon to see people ignoring their dental health and hygiene completely. They usually visit a dentist when they are facing some severe issues, which they believe cannot be treated at home anymore. This is the reason why dental problems sometimes become too complicated. However, the good news is that most of the dentists are able to handle this problem regardless of these issues. There are a number of options for people who are wishing to choose dentistry as a career. There is a broad range of careers that can be adopted by you. However, below, we would be discussing about the major types of dentistry so that you can get an overview of this field as an aspirant as well as a patient.

  • General Dentists– these dentists are your primary and regular oral care specialists who you would be visiting on a regular basis, even when you are facing some issues. They would be helping your maintain a good oral care hygiene and would also be performing tasks like fluoride treatments, teeth cleaning, root canals and even cavity fillings.
  • Cosmetic Dentists– this is the most flourishing field in dentistry that has been growing at a fast pace, thanks to the aesthetic appeal added to dentistry. The people wish to look great and perfect in every way and their craze for a beautiful smile is making it one of the most promising fields in dentistry as well. Though it is not a recognized field by the American Dental Association as a separate category of its own, it is quickly become popular. The cosmetic dentists are generally regular dentists who work for providing aesthetical looks and shape to your teeth, giving you a perfect smile. Veneers, bonding, teeth bleaching and teeth bonding are common tasks performed by these dentists.
  • Orthodontists– these type of dentists specialize in using retainers, braces etc. to help along the jaw as well as the teeth. This helps in ensuring that misaligned or crooked teeth are corrected. Most of the times, they work for younger patients as they are easier to treat and people usually use these corrective measures at a young age only. However, people of all ages can consult these dentists.
  • Periodontists– these type of dentist work especially towards the gums and tissue care in the mouth, an important part of your oral care routine.

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