Your Dentist Wants You To Know This Part : 2

Your Dentist Wants You To Know This Part : 2

In the last issue of this series, we talked about a few facts that your dentist wants you to know. In this installment, we would be talking about a few more eye-opening facts that must definitely be considered by you, especially if you are not in touch with a dentist anymore.

  • Bad breath can happen because of a dental issue- a lot of people believe that bad breath occurs as a result of the odor of the food that we have eaten. However, you must know that about 85% of the people who are suffering from the embarrassing problem of bad breath can be suffering from an unidentified dental problem. This problem can easily be treated by a dentist if you go to them and maintain a proper oral hygiene routine as well. This shall help you in reducing and maybe even eliminating bad breath from the core.
  • You need nutrition- if you eat a lot of sugary foods, soft drinks or other kind of junk food, you would likely be doing a lot of damage to your teeth. Most of these foods are acidic in nature that would be attacking the enamel in your tooth and causing discoloration and even decay of your teeth. Your teeth also need nutrition and this can happen only when you focus on getting adequate nutrition from the food that you eat. Additionally, maintain a proper cleaning routine and also make sure that you limit the amount of sugary foods in your diet.
  • Home treatment is not always the best- sometimes, it is okay to go for a home treatment so that you can alleviate the pain for some time. However, no matter what problem you face, you definitely have to make sure that you go to a good dentist and let him provide you a proper treatment for this issue. Home remedies and treatments can be used for maintenance but not for treatment or relief. In case you need a root canal treatment urgently, you would not be benefitted by any home remedies.

You need a toothbrush change- you need to understand that a manual toothbrush must essentially be changed after 3months and sometimes even before that. This is because these toothbrushes wear out really soon. The people who are facing any gum problems, must make sure that they change their toothbrush after every 4-6 weeks. This helps in preventing bacteria buildup on the brush.

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