The Most Common Dental Issues Part : 2

The Most Common Dental Issues Part : 2

Welcome back! We are ready with the second installment of our series on the most common dental issues. The issues that we are going to talk about next can also be easily avoided with some simple yet effective dental hygiene routines as well as regular visits to your dentist. Have a look.

  • Oral cancer– this is the scariest disease in our list and is usually caused because of bad oral hygiene along with the use of some cancer causing substances. It can cause problems with the throat, the lips and even the mouth. However, the good news is that unlike other kinds of cancers, oral cancer is quite curable specially if noticed in the early stages. If you visit your dentist regularly, then you would probably be able to curb this cancer before it even starts to occur.
  • Mouth sores– this problem is quite common, but that doesn’t mean that it is not going to cause any significant issues. They are so bothersome that you might never be able to focus on work. Eating something also becomes quite problematic. Most of these sores do not last for more than two weeks after which they disappear on their own. Fever blisters, cold sores, thrush, canker sores and mouth ulcers are common sores that can occur in your mouth.
  • Tooth erosion– if you have not been paying significant attention to your oral schedule then you would definitely have to face tooth erosion because of which severe gum problems can occur with you. The sensitivity of the teeth can also increase significantly because of this issue. At later stages, the teeth might also start cracking because of which tooth loss or deformation becomes quite common. It can easily be prevented. However, it continuous tooth loss takes place, you might have to opt for very costly dentures and tooth implants.
  • Tooth sensitivity– this is one problem that has been affecting millions of people worldwide. You can be experiencing discomfort or even pain when you have sensitive teeth upon eating anything hot or cold. You can relieve yourself from this issue by flossing and brushing and regular dentist visits. The dentist would be able to manage this problem with ease.
  • Toothaches– do we need to say anything more? A toothache can occur because of cavities, a broken teeth or pretty much anything. The best way to cure this issue is to go to a dentist. He would found the root behind this problem and cure it with ease.

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