Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Breast Implant Choice

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Breast Implant Choice

Breast augmentation is the most demanded and most common plastic surgery procedure performed in the world. More than three-hundred thousand women undergo the surgery in US every year. It’s over five decades now, multiple different techniques and multiple generations of varying breast sizes have used implant placement. Each and every implant placement technique has its own respective fans including both physicians and patients. All these concerns are open for debate. However, on the major issue of perfect implant size, the surgeons are now showing that “bigger is not better”.

The patients that visit surgeons for breast implants in Atlanta are informed to come with a preconceived idea of implant size and their desire for breast augmentation. The surgeon’s claim of patient’s asking for a specific cup size. Patients also come well informed but on being asked about implant ideology preference, they say it’s driven from friends who already had the procedure done, or from the internet. The truth is none of these sites are beneficial for choosing the implant size.

You might have a question why surgeons are not encouraging patients for getting bigger breasts? Surgeons have been fulfilling the desires of patients who demand bigger breasts, but they also have been concentrating on techniques that can reduce and correct the damages caused by breast implants. To their findings, it became known that implants larger than 350cc’s have certainly higher revision rates than implants of smaller size. Issues after implant surgery as excessive thinning of tissues, mal-positioning, and visible rippling all were common in larger implants.

This lead to “implant crises” and ever since then surgeons have concentrated on “bio-dimensional” approach for recommending implant size. This process at Crispin Plastic Surgery involves measuring the chest wall width, quality of the skin, and the thickness of existing breast tissue. The width of the breast is one of the most important parameters for considering. If implants get bigger, they become wider and heavier. If heavier implants are placed on a smaller chest, they will have the tendency of sliding out of the chest over time. This will result in a wider cleavage. Neither of these conditions will look good.

However, sometimes it’s hard for patients to understand any of this until they have lived through this. Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, models with large breasts, and other such figures only appeal when looked at, but living a practical life can be different and difficult. Surgeons should also pay more time explaining real down-side of implants that are too large and what the results will bring. It is better to have a good size breasts matching the body rather than going through revisionary surgery.

This article will let you review the cons of bigger breasts and why bigger isn’t always better.

Cons of Large Breast Implants

  • Physical Consequences

    – If implants are bigger, unwanted physical consequences as sagging of the breasts can occur. Along with sagging, thinning of skin with stretched marks and breast gland atrophy will also occur. During the primary breast augmentation procedure larger breast implants will result in increased risk of stretch marks, this may also include cracking of the skin and scarring around areola. The space between the breasts will also widen when the implants will slide out from the sides.

  • Revision Surgery

    – Aiming for bigger breasts will also increase the risk of implant rippling, capsular contraction, and risk of compilation rate. When complication occurs, the solution lies in revising the surgery. Additional surgical procedure will be used for correcting the over-endowment of implant size.

  • Psychological Problems

    – Majority of the ladies with bigger breasts suffers from gaining unwanted attention. Moreover, big breasts will also interfere with routine activities, physical work-outs, as well as limiting wardrobe collection.

Limiting the Factors Responsible for Breast Implant Choice

breast-implant Remember that implant size varies from one individual to another, since everybody is unique. Therefore, talking friend and searching on internet for the perfect breast implant size will not help or be helpful.

Your surgeon will take a “bio-dimensional” approach for making the best breast implant choice for you. This will also include taking your chest measurement, measuring quality of the skin, and thickness of breast tissues.

Following notes are taken down for finding out the right implant size for your body that will look and feel natural:
• Elasticity of the chest wall and skin
• Breast position on the chest wall
• Weight and height
Structure of the bone
More significantly, spend time understanding why bigger isn’t always better and what bigger implants can lead. You would not like to end up in the clinic again and go through the same procedure or pain and agony. Let your surgeon guide you through and help you aim for a realistic goal. Achieving good aesthetical posture and figure is everyone’s desire but that certainly does not mean going out of the way.

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