Fast Track Orthodontics: Avoiding Treatment Delays

Fast Track Orthodontics: Avoiding Treatment Delays

Have you ever heard someone say they love braces- they can’t wait to get their braces on? Chances are the answer is no. As an orthodontist, you grow accustomed to hearing the many reasons why orthodontics is not wanted. Patients are eager to speed through the orthodontic treatment process to reach the straight teeth finish line. There are some obstacles you may face that could delay the day your orthodontics are removed, so how do you avoid these delays? Continue reading to learn about these simple recommendations to avoid delays.

Staying the Course on your Orthodontic Treatment Timeline

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, delays can be discouraging. The hope is to get closer to your orthodontics removal, not extending the time frame in which you still need to wear the metal gear. When it comes to these delays, it is all in the hands of the patients. You can determine the waiting time or the time extensions for your overall treatment.

Here are the top five recommendations from Chandler orthodontist, Dr. Robert Walker of Walker Orthodontics, to keep your treatment plan on schedule:

  1. Resist Temptation from Certain Foods– There are many foods that are harmful to the braces and appliances in your mouth during your orthodontic treatment. Damage to the appliances could go a long way in lengthening the timeline for your treatment. It is estimated that each broken band or bracket adds one month to your overall treatment, exercising self-control over your diet could result in less time.
  2. Maintain a Regular Adjustment Schedule– The adjustment schedule has been properly mapped out to give you the best time frame for your treatment. Missing an adjustment appointment could add up to weeks or several months of delays. A canceled appointment could also mean waiting to get another open appointment with your orthodontist; stick to your allotted adjustment dates.
  3. Schedule Appointment for Repairs Immediately– Unfortunately broken bands or appliances needing repairs may happen during the orthodontic treatment process, but how a patient deals with the need for repair determines how long the delay is. The sooner the better. It’s essential to your treatment timeline that you make an appointment immediately.
  4. Wearing your Elastics as Instructed by your Orthodontist– Elastics and rubber bands are a critical component in aligning your teeth and bite. Many patients don’t particularly like to wear their elastics as recommended, but without them your results may be hindered.
  5. And Most Importantly, Exercise Good Oral Hygiene– There are many nooks and crannies for food to find themselves trapped and lodged into your appliances and brackets, so it’s important to maintain an excellent dental hygiene Brush with your prescribed toothpaste after every meal, floss daily and use mouth rinses for bacteria’s you can’t see. This is especially important after you may have lost self-control and indulged in sticky sweets or foods that are not good for your braces and can erode the cement keep your braces attached.

These recommendations are only just a few of the simple steps you can take to avoid delays in your orthodontic treatment plan. A great thing for patients to do that have concerns over the process of treatments, is to write down your most important questions and concerns to review together with your orthodontist. Asking your orthodontist about the steps you can take to fast track your treatment, could cut you a few additional months of time without your appliances.

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