How Aesthetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

How Aesthetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Like all other aspects of medical science, aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry has seen a lot of development in the past years. You can now get your teeth to look exactly as you envision them. Dentists can help you change the color, shape, and spaces between teeth and can even create replacement teeth to make your smile shine out as the most eye catching in the crowd.

Here are a few of the many ways in which you can improve your teeth. Along with a description of each process, I shall also inform you about any risks involved, what the process might be like, and what steps need to be taken after the process to maximize your benefits.

Whitening your Teeth

This is a common procedure and involves treating your teeth with chemical substances that will lead to the color of your teeth turning whiter. It is common for teeth to stain over time, especially with exposure to certain substances. Substances that can stain your teeth are caffeine, tea, and tobacco.

In order to get your teeth to return to their normal color, your dentist will decide to use one of two methods. Your dentist could provide you with a solution which, upon application at home, will work to whiten your teeth. Your dentist could also decide to work on your teeth on site and whiten your teeth during one or more sittings in the dentist’s office.

You ought to let your dentist know if time is a factor, which might be the case if you are looking to get cosmetic dentistry before a life event, such as a wedding. This is because getting your teeth whitened at home can take up to three to four weeks, while on site teeth whitening from a dentist can take only around 45 to 60 minutes of time per sitting.

Finally, after your whitening, you should be careful to not expose your teeth to the same substances that stained your teeth in the first place. Avoid smoking, coffee, and excessive amounts of black tea and your teeth will look just fine.


Bonding is basically pouring an etching liquid onto your teeth and then applying composite resins onto the teeth to perform various aesthetic repair works. Bonding is used when a person’s teeth have too much space between them or when certain teeth are broken or cracked. Sometimes, dentists would use a similar approach while treating cavities or while covering a hole in the tooth to prevent the pulp from remaining exposed.

The procedure does not take long and is relatively simple; the bonding material simply flows onto the teeth and attaches itself to the area being worked on, giving your teeth a better look. A certain negative aspect of using bonding materials is that they can often become stained by regular exposure to various substances including everyday food. So, if the color of your teeth is of especial concern to you, then you ought to go for other, better options such as tooth replacement.

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