The 411 on Cavities

The 411 on Cavities

Cavities occur to almost everyone and at some point in your life you may be faced with one. No matter how well you take care of your teeth, you can experience a cavity. Cavities are little holes that form in your teeth and they cause pain that is mild to severe.

How Do Cavities Form

Cavities are formed due to a diet high in sugar and through tooth decay. Many bacteria reside in the mouth and this is why good oral hygiene is extremely important.

When the bacteria and food combine, plaque is formed. Plaque forms a layer on your teeth and is what leads to tooth decay and cavities.

The ridges and pits on your teeth are the most common areas for bacteria to form and reside. This is where most cavities start to form. The cavity will begin by only effecting the enamel but will eventually grow until it consumes down to the root.

Symptoms of Cavities

There are a multitude of symptoms that you can experience from cavities and some people will experience worse symptoms than others. Typically, your teeth will be very sensitive to hot or cold substances. This sensitivity will feel like a shock of sorts and radiate through your tooth and into your gum.

Cavities are also visible on teeth as dark spots or holes. These dark spots can be seen by the eye when the cavity occurs on the front teeth or if the cavity has progressed enough.

Cavities will also cause toothaches and you will experience varying levels of pain associated with the toothache.

Treatment for Cavities

Often times, a cavity is treated with a filling. In more severe cases, a cavity is treated with a root canal, post, or pulling of the tooth.

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Good Oral Hygiene

It is important to make sure that you visit your dentist on a regular basis. This will help keep dental plaque and cavities from your mouth. If you are experiencing pain from a cavity, call your dentist today and get some relief.

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