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4 Great Tips to Improve Local SEO

4 Great Tips to Improve Local SEO

There are around a thousand other websites and businesses selling the same product as yours and providing the same information that can be found on your blog. This is essentially why you need to increase your SEO efforts and improve your local SEO strategy in order to get your website and business noticed amongst all the others out there. Here are some simple tips to help improve your local SEO strategy.

1. Your Company Profile

If you are on the map, Google knows about it. Google has a listing for every company that exists. Claim this page and create your profile so that anyone who comes across your business has accurate information. Assign someone to optimize this page for you and make sure this page has all accurate information such as your address, phone number and any other information necessary. This will improve local SEO in little to no time at all.

2. Use Third Party Websites

There are directories and pages that people use for information regarding businesses. Make sure that your company information exists on this page. Add your business to Yelp, Bing and many other such directories that people use commonly to search for business. You should always ask your customers to visit these search engines and leave good reviews for you, using which new customers can find out more about your business and the exceptional services you offer.

3. Your Company Profile

Ask other websites and friends to mention your website and talk about your business on their blogs. This will direct their customers to your page. Of course, you can only ask for this favor if your friends are not your direct competitors. You should also contact and strike a deal with tourist websites so they mention your business on their blogs that will bring tourists to your page.

4. Become Active on Social Media

4-Great-Tips-to-Improve-Local-SEO Social media platforms are the first thing people browse when they wake up and it is the last thing people check before sleeping. As such, used properly, they can be a great way to improve local SEO. If you want customers, start getting active on the popular social media platforms. Facebook alone has a user base of about 13,800,000 users that is growing every second. It will gain you the exposure you require in order to attract more customers to your page. So start creating business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you want people to know that your business exists. Giveaways and contests are another great way to attract attention and spread awareness about your business.

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